Alaskan Bush People fans call for show to be canceled after son Bear Brown accused of abuse and drug use

FANS of Alaskan Bush People are calling for the show to be canceled following the shocking claims about star, Solomon 'Bear' Brown.

Viewers were left horrified after the reality star's pregnant ex Raiven Adams filed a restraining order again him with disturbing allegations including drug abuse and threatening her with a gun.

And now some fans are calling for the show to be taken of the Discovery Channel as Bear tries to clear him name.

One Twitter user wrote: "I see Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People has a protective order against him for being abusive to his pregnant ex. Allegedly doing drugs a lot The family r trouble and should not be on TV nasty #alaskanbushpeople."

While a Facebook fan commented: "Just watching this show you can tell this dude isn't right. I mean you can tell the whole family is a little off and their whole fake i'am living in the wilderness s**t is ridiculous.

"This show should be canceled if it isnt already [sic]."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Another wrote: "I'm wondering what this is going to do to the [s***] show? I think this is going to do the show in… at least I hope so. Wonder what Ole Billy is saying about this whole mess."

While one added: "So if the show gets cancelled from this latest mess does the family turn on Bear? Who would take care of him…. lol?"

However some fans came to Bear's defence as one wrote: "All of them are amazing and no way they would hit , or hurt anyone."

Another commented: "I have loved and watched this show since the beginning, no way in hell he has been anything but cordial and sweet with her.

"he values his mother and sisters way way way to much to ever be violent with a woman let alone one carrying his baby. Come on now people get a grip."

Days after The Sun exclusively reported the reality star's pregnant ex, Raiven Adams, had filed a restraining order against him, Bear took to Instagram to deny some of her claims.

Taking to his private Instagram account, he shared a serious selfie with the caption: "There's something I would like to say! I DON'T DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The 32-year-old then posted another snap in which he made a heart shape with his hands.

He captioned the image: "What becomes of the brokenhearted?"

According to the Alaskan court papers first obtained by The Blast, Bear started exhibiting "erratic" and "abusive" behavior soon after the couple began dating.

Raiven, 23, wrote the ABP star began "yelling, slamming things, preventing me from leaving rooms."

She said he told her his behavior was caused by "cocaine."

The mom-to-be claimed he began threatening to "kick her out" and started to "withhold food and money" when she expressed concerns about his alleged drug abuse.

n another disturbing claim, she said he would use a gun as "intimidation," and told her "gun laws didn't apply to him."

The TV star also claimed he made threats of retaliation if she were to ever go public with the information.

This comes a week after Raiven's mother claimed on social media that her daughter had suffered "abuse" at his hands.

A rep for Bear declined to comment when reached by The Sun at the time.

Bear, one of Billy and Ami Brown's seven children featured on Discovery Channel's Alaskan Bush People, and Raiven got engaged in August, only to split two weeks later.

In a shocking twist, they announced her pregnancy days after the breakup.

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