Amazing side hustle could earn your thousands without even leaving you living room – but it'll only work in winter | The Sun

AN amazing seasonal side hustle trick could earn you thousands without even leaving the living room – but it will only work in winter.

The hack has swept social media after being posted on TikTok, as side hustles grow in popularity and savvy entrepreneurs become more creative in their money-making methods.

Posted by TikTok user investment_updates, the video explain how you can make money just by setting up a particular type of video stream.

Many people will be familiar with video fireplaces, which can be found on clip sharing sites like YouTube.

They can add atmosphere to a room in winter, without the expense of a gas fire or even the need for any fireplace at all.

Jay from investment_updates explained that the side hustle can run from October until February, as that is when most viewers seek out this kind of content.

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He said: "The good thing is you need absolutely no prior experience for this."

He went on to show eager fans how to make the fireplace videos, showing one example having over 5 million views.

All side hustlers have to do is download the audio and visuals required from free sites and place the video on loop for five hours.

He recommended using exactly the same hashtags as other viral videos to maximize views.

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These include #fireplace and #christmas.

Explaining how it works Jay said: "Millions of families who don't have an actual campfire will play this video and the sound over their TV so they get the Christmas vibe.

"Our audience is huge."

He finished by revealing the money-making potential of the videos, saying: "That many views on a 10-hour YouTube video equals a lot of money."

This idea is known as a passive income scheme where people set up a money earning system that does all the work for them.

They then need to do nothing but let the money flow in.

Some commenters were doubtful it would work, however.

One wrote: "That’s going to become stupidly saturated with hundreds or thousands of the exact same video combo."

Another agreed asking: "Isn’t it super saturated though?"

Jay replied to this revealing that there are fewer people than you would think cashing in on the scheme.

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He added that he's seen new ones each year which gets millions of views.

Be aware though, one commenter was quick to point that in order to monetize videos on YouTube, which lets you earn money from them, you need a certain number of subscribers to have watched your videos for at least 4,000 hours collectively.

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