Best Cakes For Cats 2020 | The Sun UK

AS ANY cat owner will tell you, it's lovely to spoil those precious felines every now and again.

Whether it's a birthday or your cat's adoption anniversary, it's good to know what the best cakes for cats are and where to find them online.

Unlike with dogs, who can – and will – eat anything cake-based (they love a doggy cupcake with a few ingredient swaps, like carob for chocolate and yogurt for icing), cat cakes tend to be savoury, and they're often fish or chicken-based.

Catnip-based treats and cake are another hit – we've even found a catnip toy shaped like a birthday cake that's sure to be a real hit with kitty.

There's another thing cats like even better than cake: milk. This is a real treat – and one only suitable for cats who can handle lactose – as it's not great for your cat to have in excess.

Spoiling your pet with a hamper of treats is another way to celebrate a special day: Woof & Brew make specialty drinks for cats and dogs, as well as hamper gift sets.

Some pet owners argue the best cake for cats is the one you make yourself, which is why you'll find plenty of savoury cat cake recipes online. Happy baking.

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