Billie Lourd Jokes Shes Been Psycho Amid Second Pregnancy

The daughter of Carrie Fisher talks about her second pregnancy while promoting her new movie ‘Ticket to Paradise’, admitting it’s very different from her first one.

AceShowbizBillie Lourd felt “a very different vibe” amid her second pregnancy compared to her first. The 30-year-old actress says things have been very different this time around after she was previously able to relax at home with husband Austen Rydell and do little beyond knit and watch television when expecting her son Kingston, now two, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I went nowhere,” she said. “I knitted a blanket, and I watched ‘The Sopranos‘, and I watched ‘The Wire‘ and I didn’t leave my couch. It was a very different vibe.”

The “Ticket to Paradise” star joked she’s been a “psycho person” this time round because she’s been working hard over the last few months. She said, “I did ‘American Horror Story‘, and then I just wrapped this other movie that I shot in London.”

But now her bump is getting bigger, Billie is finding it harder to travel. She said, “I tried to hide my stomach, like, ‘Am I allowed to fly here? Is this okay?’ “

The actress was keen to work because she thinks it would be “cool” for her baby to watch “Ticket to Paradise” one day, knowing she was pregnant at the time as it “would have been incredible” if her late mother Carrie Fisher had made a movie while she was pregnant.

She told People magazine, “That’s why I also wanted to do it. Because it will be cool for this kid to be able to Google it and see themself. I got to do this movie … that was so special and incredible, and I got to be pregnant in it, and that was such an amazing experience and I’m so excited for my kid to get to see me in that.”

Billie joked working while pregnant should encourage her unborn child to grow up with a good work ethic. She laughed, “If they ever say they don’t want to do their homework, I’m going to be like, ‘Watch this movie. I was 9,000 years pregnant with you. You better have a good work ethic.’ If that doesn’t give you a good work ethic, I don’t know what will.”

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