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SHOPPERS have been left in shock after a B&M customer bagged 10-packs of Coca Cola cans for a bargain price at her local store.

The shopper took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page explaining how the packs had cost her £1.50 down from £4.20.

That's 15p per can of 330ml drink versus 42p, a whopping 27p saving for each can.

It wasn't just normal Coke and Diet Coke packs she found either – 10 packs of Fanta orange cans were the same price.

She was so pleased with the discount she grabbed 24 boxes of all three types to take home with her.

Posting on Facebook, she explained how she found them at the B&M in Astle Park, West Bromwich Albion.

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"Thought I'd share my 1st bargain, B&M West Bromwich Albion, Astle park. £1.50 a case of 10," she said.

Following the post, fellow shoppers shared their shock at the bargain finds.

One said: "Nice one! I'd do the same," while another added: "No way!! Well done!"

A third said: "Great find – well done."

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And a fourth joked: "Might go up there tomorrow lol."

However, if you're looking to get the same deal near you, there's a catch – the offer is only available at that one branch.

A B&M spokesperson confirmed the £1.50 pricing would have been done wrongly and other stores would be selling the cans at £4.20.

Of course, it's always worth shopping around for the best deals.

Websites like Trolley.co.uk let you cross compare supermarket prices to help you work out the best offers.

We checked out how much 10 packs of 330ml Coke, Diet Coke and Fanta orange costed at other retailers to see if you could get a better deal elsewhere.

We found a 10 pack of normal 330ml cans of Coca Cola on sale at Morrisons for £6.65 and Iceland for £6.

Per can, that's roughly 66p at Morrisons and 60p at Iceland so much more expensive than what the shopper found in her local B&M store.

The cheapest place online we could find a 10 pack of 330ml Diet Coke cans was at Aldi and Tesco for £4.69 – but that's still 32p more expensive per can than the B&M shoppers haul.

We couldn't find a 10 pack of 330ml Fanta orange cans on sale, however the cheapest eight pack we could find was at Tesco for £3.25 – that's 40p a can and 25p more expensive than the B&M shopper's basket load.

How do I bag a bargain at B&M?

B&M is already known for its low prices, from toys to homeware and more, but how else can get a steal of a deal?

The store often hosts mega sales, but some customers have figured out how to get hold of "secret" discounts as well.

When's the best time to shop?

Some shoppers have speculated on Facebook Forums such as Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group, as to when you should head to your nearest B&M branch.

Tuesday is believed to be the day when staff reduce food, pet items and cleaning products.

But reportedly there will often be discounts on old stock and seasonal items on Thursdays and Saturdays.

B&M has told us before its more than 650 shops are stocked with new items every day.

So if you're looking for a bargain pick up, it might be worth trying your chances throughout the week.

Reduced stock can be subject to availability as well – so once staff start reducing items from 7.30am you'll want to be first in line to avoid missing anything.

If you want to find your nearest B&M store, you can its online locator tool.

How should I shop?

Plenty of avid B&M shoppers claim to have saved hundreds of pounds by using the store's barcode scanner.

It's a free app you can download onto your phone and lets you discover discounted items before staff have even reduced them.

But what you can scan day-to-day will vary, so you'll need a little luck.

Of course, you should remember that it's only a bargain if you were planning on buying it anyway.

On top of this, you can always try signing up to B&M's newsletter which sends you information on all the latest deals and offers.

Plus, you can use the online deal finder tool from websites like Hotukdeals or Latestdeals by searching B&M in their search bars.

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