Caitlyn Smith Debuts Emotional Song 'Supernova' About Being 'Overwhelmed' by 'Life Speeding By'

Caitlyn Smith’s new song “Supernova” is near and dear to her heart.

The singer-songwriter just dropped the title track of her forthcoming album Supernova — and PEOPLE can exclusively premiere its beautiful, piano-filled music video.

“Time is like a shooting star, a supernova in the dark,” Smith sings on the emotional song. “You’d do anything to make it last. But it all goes by so fast.”

Smith, 33, wrote this track after touring the country, giving birth to second son Lewis James, now 15 months, and doing “a good deal of soul-searching” and “changing to try and become a stronger, more mindful person.”

“I started writing the song on my back porch watching my little one play, and found myself overwhelmed at how quickly life is speeding by,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively about the new track. “I took the idea to my friend, [songwriter] Aimee Mayo, and we talked and cried about our kids, our parents, at the reality of getting older.”

“We came to the conclusion that our lives should be lived as bright and as full and as beautiful as a supernova – the fullest expression of a star,’ she continues. “A star’s final moment is the most awe-inspiring thing I’ve ever seen… and isn’t that how we should be living our lives? Shining as brightly as we can.”

And since dropping Starfire in 2018, she’s been doing exactly that. Smith toured with Sheryl Crow, won a Critic’s Choice Award for a song she wrote “Glasgow (No Place Like Home)” and is currently on the road with Little Big Town.

Through it all, family comes first. She told PEOPLE that she brings her family (including 3-year-old Thomas Miles and husband Rollie Gaalswyk) on the road with her.

“This year has been wild; we toured everywhere as a little gypsy family,” Smith told PEOPLE in 2018. “Tom is already a road warrior. It’s a huge blessing (and quite the circus) bringing our whole family on the road … but we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Smith is expected to drop her sophomore album on March 13, which also features single “Long Time Coming.”

“Supernova” is out now.

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