Classic Eastenders – how to watch old episodes as the BBC soap celebrates 35th anniversary

EASTENDERS is currently airing a week of explosive episodes to mark its 35th anniversary as ONE Walford favourite meets their grisly end.

But what nostalgic fans really want to know is where can you watch old episodes?

How can fans watch old episodes of EastEnders?

It’s been 35 years since EastEnders first debuted on screens.

And now fans of the BBC One soap can take a trip down memory lane and binge-watch old episodes courtesy of Drama.

The UKTV-owned channel airs old episodes every weekday at 1pm and 1.40pm.

Alternatively, fans can also catch up via the UKTV Play website – where you can stream episodes that have been recently shown.

As the soap celebrates another milestone birthday, why not take the opportunity to watch EastEnders’ longest-serving soap star Adam Woodyatt as a young Ian Beale, or to feast on episodes featuring the original EastEnders’ cast – from Michelle Fowler to Angie Watts.

Where can you watch memorable moments?

If you want to check out memorable scenes rather than episodes, there’s a load over at EastEnders’ YouTube channel.

Catch a bunch of memorable moments – from that scene where Phil Mitchell was shot by his girlfriend Lisa to Martin’s dramatic hit-and-run that sealed Jamie Mitchell’s death.

You can also watch that awful scene where Bobby killed his own sister Lucy.

What's happening this week to mark EastEnders' 35th anniversary?

EastEnders have confirmed that one major character is set to die in this week's special episodes.

Linda and Mick have organised a boat party to celebrate winning the Pub of the Year contest, but disaster struck when the boat hit an obstacle and began to sink.

Mick battled to save Linda – who had trapped her ankle – as they began to drown below deck.

Meanwhile, Ian locked away Dennis Mitchell below deck as revenge for him bullying his son Bobby – only to lose the keys and leave him to drown.

Tonight's episode will see Keanu fight for his life against Phil Mitchell aboard the boat, while Friday's episode will bring the drama to a close.

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