COBRA season 2 release date: Will there be another series?

Cobra is a political thriller on Sky One following a fictional UK government, led by Prime Minister Robert Sutherland (played by Robert Carlyle). In the series, the UK is facing a solar storm which brought total chaos and devastation to a normal way of life.

Will there be another series of Cobra?

Cobra concludes tonight (Friday, February 21) on Sky One at 9pm.

For the past six weeks, viewers have been watching Carlyle as fictional British Prime Minister Robert Sutherland, tackle a national security crisis.

NOW TV customers have already binge-watched the entire series of Cobra.

Ever since the series premiered, fans have been wondering if there will be more of the political thriller to come.

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Thankfully, there is good news for fans of Cobra. Season two has been given the green light by Sky.

The first series was one of Sky’s most popular box sets and most successful dramas in recent years.

Cobra star Robert Carlyle said: “I’m absolutely delighted by the audience reaction and success of Cobra. I look forward to season 2 and welcome the chance to play the PM Robert Sutherland once again”.

Hopes had been high for a renewal before the show even aired.

Speaking to press in London, including, show writer Ben Richards spoke about the drama’s future.

He said: “I mean, we certainly want to we’ve got other stories, definitely to tell. And we have we are in plans and preparations for that.

“So that’s definitely that’s definitely the hope, again, that the big the big thing is to find that story that feels sort of big and satisfying enough.

He added: “Or spin-off stories because once again what’s really interesting is that you can’t just do a disaster a disaster gets cleaned up… that’s not very interesting.”

The new series will see Sutherland and his government try to rebuild the country following the solar storm, with the help of Chief-of-Staff Anna Marshall (Victoria Hamilton).

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However, an assassination on British soil turns everything Sutherland has worked to rebuild on its head.

Richards said: “You need it to dramatically get worse over six episodes, I think we’ve found that that’s the aspiration… The biggest tragedy with this fantastic cast would be to not go into another series.

“That comes from the heart, I just love watching them.”

An official release date has not been confirmed, but if the thriller decides to stick to the same release pattern as the first series, Cobra season two will air in January 2021.


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The final episode will air at 9pm tonight on Sky One and will be available to watch on the Sky Go app.

NOW TV customers and can binge-watch the entire series now.

You can sign up to a seven-day free trial of NOW TV before subscribing to the service from £7.99 per month.

Cobra is streaming on NOW TV

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