Coming To Disney Plus (March 2020): Star Wars TV Shows, Marvel Movies, And More

Disney+ has plenty of original content arriving in March, and there are few things you’ll want to keep your eye out for, including movies and TV shows from Marvel and Star Wars. Check out the full list of Disney+ releases for March 2020 below, along with a couple recommendations.

One of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe solo films arrives on March 4 when Black Panther finally makes its way to the streaming service. While the Wakandan character was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, the 2018 film fully introduced the world to the secretive African country and how its ruler got his super powers. In his review of Black Panther, Mike Rougeau said, “Black Panther is a top tier Marvel movie with all the humor, style, action, passion, and fun that the MCU has come to embody.”

If you loved The Mandalorian and want more Star Wars content, then you’ll be happy to know that Season 7 of the animated series The Clone Wars has a new episode airing every Friday. This will be the last season of the series, as it will undoubtably lead to Palpatine’s Order 66, where the clone armies turned on the Jedi, killing the majority of them off. Sure, we have a good idea of how the series will end, but this final season will more than likely answer some of our most burning questions, most of which are about how Darth Maul’s story connects to his appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Below, you’ll find everything coming to Disney+ for the month of March, and if you’re interested in more streaming news for the upcoming month, make sure to see what’s coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Disney+ costs $7 a month, and it comes with a seven day free trial. Or you can bundle it with the ad-supported version of Hulu and ESPN+ for $13.

What’s new to Disney+ in March?

March 1

  • Doctor Dolittle 2
  • Ice Age

March 4

  • Black Panther

March 5

  • Bedtime Stories

March 6

  • The Finest Hours (Returning Title)
  • Three on the Run
  • Diary of a Future President Episode 108 – “Matters of Diplomacy”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 703 – “On the Wings of Keeradaks”
  • Marvel’s Hero Project Episode 118 – “Genius Gitanjali”
  • Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Episode 204 – “Pandoran Wedding”
  • Shop Class Episode 102 – “Justin’s Biggest Fan”
  • Disney Family Sundays Episode 118 – “Zootopia: Bracelets”
  • One Day At Disney Episode 114 – “Kris Becker: Animal Keeper”

March 13

  • Wicked Tuna (S3-8)
  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (S1-6)
  • Zorro – Second Series (S1)
  • Stargirl Episode 101
  • Diary of a Future President Episode 109 – “State of the Union”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 704 – “Unfinished Business”
  • Marvel’s Hero Project Episode 119 – “Astonishing Austin”
  • Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Episode 205 – “Made for Loving You”
  • Shop Class Episode 103 – “Ramps & Champs”
  • Disney Family Sundays Episode 119 – “The Muppets: Pom Poms”
  • One Day At Disney Episode 115 – “Leah Buono: Casting Director”

March 15

  • G-Force

March 17

  • Big Hero 6 The Series (S2)

March 20

  • I Didn’t Do It (S1-2)
  • Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals: Puppy Playcare (S2)
  • Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! (S2)
  • Diary of a Future President Finale – Episode 110 – “Two Party System”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 705 – “Gone With a Trace”
  • Marvel’s Hero Project Finale – Episode 120 – “High-Flying Hailey”
  • Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Episode 206 – “Wedding GOALS!”
  • Shop Class Episode 104 – “Bridge or Bust”
  • Disney Family Sundays Episode 120 – “Winnie the Pooh: Flower Pots”
  • One Day At Disney Episode 116 – “David Muir: World News Tonight Anchor”

March 25

  • A Wrinkle in Time

March 27

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 706 – “Deal No Deal”

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