Dani Dyer only found out Jack Fincham was having a baby when he revealed birth today – The Sun

DANI Dyer has revealed she only found out her ex Jack Fincham was having a baby when he revealed the birth today.

The 23-year-old won Love Island with Jack in 2018, but found out about him becoming a dad online.

Appearing on pal Rylan Clark-Neal's BBC Radio Two show, Dani was asked if she wished her ex well. She replied: "100 per cent, congratulations. Everyone loves a baby."

Quizzed on whether Jack had told her in advance, Dani said: "No, of course not! No news.

"When everyone else found out, I found out.

"Listen, I wish them all the best. Congratulations."

Jack broke the news this morning that he's had a baby and kept the girl's mother's pregnancy secret.

It comes just nine months after Jack and Dani called it quits in April 2019 after winning Love Island 2018.

A source told OK! Magazine Dani was suspicious that Jack was cheating on her with his baby daughter's mum while they were still together.

They claimed: "Dani also knows who the baby’s mother is and she had her suspicions while she was still with Jack that something was going on between them.

“Jack’s known the girl for a good while so Dani thinks that he might have slept with her when she was still dating him.”

The announcement about baby Blossom's birth – nine months after their split – clashed with Dani's press day promoting a new chapter for her autobiography What Would Dani Do?

Appearing on BBC Bristol for The James Hanson Show this morning, Dani warned this year's Love Island stars not to "get lost in the partying scene" after Jack's baby bombshell.

She said: "You have to keep as normal as you can.

"Stay around the same friends you had before you went the villa and stay wrapped up around your family.

"You can get lost in the whole partying scene. Stick to what you know."

Explaining how she copes when she's dealt a tough blow, Dani said she turns to her EastEnders actor dad Danny Dyer for advice.

She said: "My dad has been in the public eye since he was 14. It's nice to have someone who knows what I'm going through.

"When there's been bad moments he tells me 'the storm will pass, you will get through it because there are times when you think 'I'm never going to smile again'."

Asked what's next for her, Dani added: "I always like to live it day by day, I don't like to stress too much because I honestly don't know. I just want to live my life."

Jack hasn't revealed his baby's mum said Blossom was born yesterday weighing 8lb 2oz.

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