Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little brands Marlon Pryce star ‘annoying

Death in Paradise is my ‘home’ says Ralf Little

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Death in Paradise has kept the nation entertained for over a decade as viewers watch detectives on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie solve a series of murders. With the show now in its 12th season, actor Ralf Little has returned as the much-loved DI Neville Parker and already solved the mysterious death of celebrity astronomer and renowned professor Bertrand Sworder.

With DI Parker and the force called into action, they set about finding out who is responsible for his demise after learning there was some professional hostility towards the victim.

As the new series progresses, viewers will get to see more support from Neville’s police team – but was does Ralf think of his colleagues?

Noting the dynamics of the team are crucial to Death in Paradise’s success, the 42-year-old shared: “The show stands or falls on whether the audience takes them into their hearts.

“Don Warrington is literally a living legend. Every time I’m in a scene with him, I’m thinking about how lucky I am.”

Known for playing Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in the BBC series, Don has starred in Death in Paradise from the start when it first aired in 2011.

Although Ralf confessed there’s one co-star on set that he finds annoying for all the right reasons.

He continued: “Tahj Miles is annoying because he’s too good. He came in effortlessly.

“When I was his age, I wasn’t cool, and he’s effortlessly cool. He’s brilliant at his job.”

Speaking about one of the newest members to join the cast, Shantol Jackson, who plays officer Naomi Thomas, Ralf praised her as an incredible addition to the show.

Ralf said: “She fitted in easily. In the St Barnabas episode, she really took the opportunity. She’s a joy.”

In the new series, fans have also been introduced to a potential love interested for Neville when newcomer Sophie (Chelsea Edge) was introduced during the Christmas special.

After a series of run-ins, the duo ended up spending Christmas Day together with many fans predicting a blossoming relationship on the horizon.

The pair have since decided to enjoy the time they have as Sophie spends two weeks on the island.

Speaking about their connection, actress Chelsea explained why Sophie is attracted to Neville, commenting: “She is a bit of a fish out of water, similar to Neville, which reminds her of home.

“I think that’s partlywhat attracted her to Neville. Obviously, he is kind, intelligent and reminds her of home in this completely different world. He provides the familiarity and comfort for her.”

It looks like sparks will fly in the coming episodes as Neville and Sophie spend more time together.

A synopsis for the upcoming episode reads: “The team investigates a Preppers commune when one of its members is poisoned inside a locked bunker.

“However, with CCTV footage showing that no one went in or came out while he was in there, it seems likely that he has taken his own life – or has he?

“Meanwhile, Neville has a series of adventurous dates with Sophie.”

Death in Paradise continues Fridays on BBC at 9pm.

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