Dog who fell off balcony needs home where she can keep up with hydrotherapy

Meet Missy, the one-year-old Staffie cross who has a bit of a troubled history with balconies.

Poor Missy fell off a balcony not once, but twice, and ended up with a broken pelvis and a dislocated hip.

Now, the sweet rescue dog, who was taken in by the RSPCA due to ill treatment – needs a new forever home where she can keep up with her important physiotherapy.

Susan Botherway, manager at Mount Noddy – run by the RSPCA Sussex West branch – said: ‘Poor Missy has been through the wars.

‘Once she came to us, she had surgery to remove the head and neck of her femur, so her leg could move more freely in the pelvis.

‘The procedure – called a femoral head ostectomy – is carried out to restore pain-free use of a damaged hip.

‘She then started hydrotherapy to help rebuild her muscle as well as physiotherapy and she’s been doing brilliantly since.’

This absolute angel is looking for a special home with patient owners who are willing to get to know her slowly.

Susan said: ‘Missy is so friendly. She’s had a difficult start in life so she can initially be quite nervous around new people but, once you get to know her, she’s absolutely lovely. 

‘We’d like her adopters to spend some time coming to the centre to meet her and get to know her. She’d love a home where owners will initially be around for much of the day while Missy builds up her confidence before learning to be left home alone.

‘She’s a clever youngster and we know she’d thrive with training so we’d love her new family to take her to classes. She’s already started scent work with us and she absolutely loves it! 

‘Missy loves other dogs but doesn’t always know how to interact politely so we feel she’d be best as the only dog in her new home.’

Missy’s hydrotherapy will also need to be kept up, which means these owners will have to live in the local area.

This also means the owners will also have to accept a bigger financial commitment than they might for any other dog.

If you think you could be the right fit for Missy? You can get more information about adopting her on the charity’s website.

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