Dr Alex George furious as new girlfriend is target of disgusting antisemitic abuse

Dr Alex George has spoken out about the anti-semitic abuse his new girlfriend has faced online, saying that "things need to change".

The former Love Island star hit back at 'disgusting' trolls who attacked new girlfriend Ellie Hecht after he shared a picture of them on a date.

Posting to his Instagram story, the mental health ambassador shared a few examples of nasty messages Ellie had received since they went public.

Ellie, who is Jewish, had posted: "Here are a handful of shocking messages I have received for my family heritage, from some uneducated trolls. I wasn't going to post this but I have seen a lot of antisemitism recently and it isn't talked about enough and I am shocked by the silence of the majority in the wake of very recent antisemitism.

"Jewish people have been persecuted for hundreds of years and it is still NOT okay. I couldn't be more proud of my family heritage and on that note, I urge people to educate themselves before committing a hate crime.

"THINK before you send a horrible message. THINK before you are cruel to someone else for NO reason. "

She added: "Sadly, hate crime has gone up by 9 percent in the UK after the pandemic. This makes me so sad.

"Think about it like this: even after the Holocaust, even after all of those millions of people died because they were Jewish or gay or had a disability, and this is still happening. It makes me realise how bleak the future will be for my children."

Sharing Ellie's message, Alex added: "I will not tolerate antisemetic abuse (nor any other abuse) towards Ellie in any way, shape or form. I can't believe I am actually having to type this. Disgusting."

The 30-year-old went on: "I feel awful now, all Ellie has done is be my gf. Feels like in a way I have brought this to her door. No one deserves that kind of abuse."

A few hours after sharing Ellie's message, Dr Alex followed up his posts with a thank you message to fans, writing: "Thank you for all the kind messages to Ellie and I. Things do need to change. The good people in the world outweigh the bad."

He also posted a video of himself thanking fans for messages and saying that "more needs to be done" about antisemitic abuse as it's "really not ok".

Alex confirmed his relationship with Ellie earlier this year when the couple went on a romantic getaway to Cornwall.

The doctor and mental health ambassador posted a picture of Ellie, calling her the "apple of my eye".

Ellie, who works in London as a barrister's clerk, has reportedly been a huge help to Alex, who has gone through some difficult times in recent years.

A source close to the couple revealed to MailOnline that Ellie has been a huge support to Alex after his 19 year old brother Llŷr tragically took his own life in July last year.

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