EastEnders fans open-mouthed as Keegan cheats on Tiffany with steamy Dotty romp

EASTENDERS fans were left open-mouthed as Keegan cheated on Tiffany with Dotty tonight.

Keegan was furious with his wife for giving Bernie diet pills despite her being pregnant.

He grew even more furious when he discovered that Tiffany hadn’t turned up at the hospital to check on Bernie because she’d been getting more plastic surgery. 

Meanwhile, Dotty rejected Vinny when he confessed his true feelings for her. 

Keegan then turned up at the club to collect his wages from Dotty and had a go at her for discarding Vinny after sleeping with him. 

Dotty looked Keegan straight in the eye and said: “Trust me he had a good time. It’s just sex 

"It doesn’t have to mean anything.”

Keegan mumbled something about heading home and Dotty said: “Yeah you better get home for another row with Tiff. Or you can stay and have a drink with me.” 

Tiffany was then shown ringing Keegan and apologising profusely for what had happened to Bernie. 

Clutching her swollen cheek, she told Keegan she wasn’t feeling great and begged him to come home. 

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But as she curled up on the sofa and began to shake, viewers saw Keegan pounce on Dotty and initiate a passionate kiss, before pulling her to the sofa.

Fans were in shock and flocked to Twitter to express their concern over Tiffany. 

One said: "When Tiffany finds out she'll be devastated. Hopefully, doesn't end in divorce."

Another added: "Doesn't matter how mad Keegan is at Tiffany it was really wrong of him to cheat on her."

A third said: "Keegan's an idiot for cheating on Tiffany! Like she's not insecure enough!"

Speaking about the scene, actress Milly Zero recently said: “She’s drunk, Keegan’s drunk, it’s late at night, they’re both going through their own individual things, he’s got stuff going on with Tiff, Dotty has the stuff with Vinny.

“When he walks into the office she thinks I can have fun with this guy. Dotty loves teasing people, she loves winding people up and getting under people’s skin. I think he walked in and she sees it as an opportunity to do that.

“I don’t think she instantly thinks she fancies him. It’s also been bubbling up with Dotty and Keegan for a while because they’ve had quite a lot of tension, he keeps getting at her about Vinny and she keeps getting at him about Tiff.

“The way that Dotty and Keegan communicate is to have a little row and an argument, it’s their banter.”

She added: “It was a jaw-dropping moment. I was on the train home and I literally gasped.

“I didn’t expect it at all. It’s a really genius thing to put in.”

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