EastEnders' Jack violently attacks Lucas at Christmas but will he pay for it?

Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet) returns in time for Christmas in EastEnders, but it seems as if the serial killer’s arrival will result in Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) going to extreme lengths to protect Denise Fox (Diane Parish).

It’s set to be a festive season that Denise will never forget.

She’s horrified when she comes face-to-face with Lucas, but the bigger shock comes when she realises that he’s got daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) with him.

The question is: what are they doing?

What’s more, why are they together?

Chelsea is taken aback to see her mum in the company of Raymond Dawkins, and what happens next remains to be seen, but Denise later returns home — rattled by her showdown with Lucas.

She explains what has happened — just as Chelsea arrives at door.

Denise reiterates just how dangerous Lucas is, but as they discuss matters, Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) disappears.

Protective of Denise, Patrick wants to track down Lucas.

The following week, Patrick follows through, but is left uneasy with his plan to protect Denise.

Meanwhile, Denise shares a moment with Jack and admits that she is terrified of Lucas. An interruption then has Jack heading over to The Vic urgently.

Is Jack set to confront Lucas in a violent attack? If so, will he get away with it?

One to watch: Friday January 1 on BBC One.

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