EastEnders' Milly Zero hit with £630 of fines after failing to pay tolls in her new car

EASTENDERS star Milly Zero has been hit with £630 of fines after failing to pay tolls in her new car.

The 20-year-old soap actress – who is best known for playing Dotty Cotton on the BBC One show – took to Instagram to update followers on the mishap.

She wrote: "Only me would manage to get a new car and forget to register it on the Dartford crossing toll register for two weeks and get 9 fines."

The initial fine is £70 and must be paid within 28 days.

It will later increase to £105 if it isn't paid, but is reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

Milly often updates soap fans on her life online, including glamorous snaps of herself on Instagram.

She also recently went public with boyfriend rapper Ransom Fa by posting a shot of the pair together in Scotland.

The actress captioned the snap from Oban with a love heart emoji and the words: "My love."

Milly has made a huge impact on Albert Square after taking over the role of Dot Branning's scheming granddaughter.

She is currently engaged in a war with Ian Beale as she is the only person aware that he was responsible for Dennis Mitchell's death in the boat crash.

Viewers will have to wait until September to see new episodes, but Dotty is set to take Ian on and expose his secret.

Milly replaced former Dotty star Molly Conlin, who appeared on the BBC soap for two years from 2008.

Onscreen grandmother June Brown announced her departure from the soap earlier this year.

Following her exit, former co-star John Altman revealed the 93-year-old soap veteran quit her role as she "wasn't getting storylines and didn't like the new Dotty."

Speaking to the Sun's TV Mag, John, 68, admitted: "It was a great shame that Molly Conlin wasn’t brought back as Dotty as well, I don’t think she was very happy about that."

He added: "I think all those things I’d mentioned – tired, not delighted with the storylines and a different Dotty. She just wasn’t happy anymore so she had to decide to leave, which is a shame."

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