Emmerdale fans convinced Joe Tate makes shock return to murder Graham Foster tonight – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Joe Tate is going to make a shock return tonight to murder Graham Foster.

The hunky businessman – who is played by actor Ned Porteous in the ITV soap – fled the Dales with Graham's help after his step-grandmother was freed from prison and vowed revenge for him stealing her money.

Graham later cut Joe off totally in an effort to protect him from Kim, but fans think Joe may be smarting at being cut off from his wealth and privilege and want revenge.

And with the murderer's identity revealed tonight, fans are sure Joe will end up appearing.

One wrote: "Plot Twist: Joe Tate is Graham’s killer #Emmerdale #ITV"

A second said: "Anyone think there's going to be a twist in Grahams murder? As Joe returned for revenge on him then Kim? #emmerdale"

Another added: "Emmerdale Killer: plenty of red herrings, of who kills Graham Foster…I believe, it will actually turn out to be JOE TATE.!!!"

Although while some fans are convinced Joe will return others think all seven official suspects murdered Graham.

In the three flashbacks so far Graham appears to have been murdered in different ways – hit over the head and then thrown off a bridge – and they think it points to multiple suspects being responsible.

They have likened it to the famous Agatha Christie mystery Murder on the Orient Express where everyone is guilty.

One wrote: "Who killed Graham? The whole sodding village apparently. Multiple times ? #Emmerdale."

A second said: "Is it a ‘group’village murder?

"Everyone played a part? #Emmerdale wonderful acting by Graham giving a verbal to charity tonight".

Another added: "they’re saying that only one person in emmerdale has killed graham but i’m beginning to think that they all had a part in it somehow praying to the heavens jamie doesn’t get himself into trouble though."

The official suspects are Kim, Jamie and Andrea Tate, Marlon and Charity Dingle, Al Chapman and Jai Sharma.

The identity of the killer is revealed tonight's second episode of Emmerdale.

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