Emmerdale fans convinced Meena will die during Super Soap Week as they share ‘twist’ theory

Emmerdale fans have predicted that Meena could be the character to die during Super Soap Week.

A series of spoilers have been revealed by ITV for the upcoming week of drama with at least one character confirmed to die.

The drama will take place in a maze that was set outside the Emmerdale village in Leeds.

Spoilers have hinted that Meena could kill off David, Victoria, Priya, Ellis, Charles, Andrea, Manpreet, Mack or Charity.

However, some fans think that it'll be Meena who dies in the soap with some people thinking it could be her own sister Manpreet who kills her.

Emmerdale bosses have promised episodes full of drama next week, with stunts including white water rapids, custom built mazes and one big top secret stunt.

Fans have taken to social media to share their predictions as one said: "Is it not Meena that has something happen to her?? I think her sister will take her down once she learns of her sister's doings! Need Mackenzie to stay on, he brings a lot of humour to the show!"

Another added: "It's time Meena got her comeuppance now and leaves," as another said: "It would be a great twist if Meena’s plan backfires and Vic ends up killing her."

A fourth fan said: "Looking good but please don’t kill off anyone I like please but you can kill Meena off tho that’s fine."

As another predicted: "OK here I go again. I think the death in #emmerdale will be a twist and it is Meena that dies. Then it will come to light she killed Leanne and her friend. The talk of the village for a week or so."

In particular Meena is on a mission to kill Victoria but it seems that her initial plan unravels.

The villagers take part in a survival challenge but not all of them make it out alive and fans have already seen that Meena ends up laying lifeless in the middle of the maize maze.

The survival challenge begins with both teams full of excitement and team leaders Billy and Ben build up the enthusiasm in their groups as they all jump into rafts and set off down the river.

Meena overhears David tell Victoria that he loves her which causes Meena to want revenge.

She goes on to tamper with Victoria's harness but her plan soon falls apart when Manpreet takes the damaged harness instead.

Meena thinks of a different plan but soon gets caught while she is trying to drown Victoria so she ends up following the witness to work out exactly what they saw.

Meena's targets aren't the only ones in danger though as Marlon and Paddy soon run into trouble as they join the challenge late.

As they make their way through the forest, they get lost and then lose patience with each other.

Meanwhile, Priya and Ellis get carried away while they are in the woods which turns dangerous.

The pair flirt throughout the challenge and then head further into the woods to get closer to each other but Priya heads off to drop off the survival challenge prize at the centre of the maze, which could end in disaster.

Mack and Charity get fed up playing by the rules and pair up to try and cheat but when they get separated a scream comes from the water and Mack is horrified thinking that Charity is in danger.

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