Emmerdale’s Amelia makes life-changing decision after Samson betrayal

Emmerdale: Samson demands more money from Noah

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Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer (played by Daisy Campbell) was thrilled when Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) showed an interest in their daughter Esther. The youngster seemed to have taken a U-turn after initially telling Amelia he didn’t want anything to do with their daughter. However, Amelia’s boyfriend, Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) seems to have seen straight through his rival’s plan.

Samson’s change of heart came after it was revealed that Noah had put a huge sum of money into a trust fund for Esther.

This led Samson to come up with a plan to blackmail Noah, demanding that he give him money to stay away from Amelia and Esther.

However, things could end up backfiring for the duo after Samson started to parade his new-found wealth.

Noah had already given Samson £2,000 and even though his family is struggling for money, the teenager blackmailed Noah into giving him another £2,000.

In recent scenes, Noah sat in the cafe with Esther when Samson walked in wearing new trainers.

“I’ve made a big dent in that £2,000 you gave me,” he taunted Naoh.

Clearly angry at Samson, Noah hit back: “We made a deal that you would stay away from Esther.”

Samson continued to test Noah’s patience as he continued: “Imagine how it’s going to look to Amelia, how is she going to feel when she finds out her boyfriend is that jealous and controlling, he is paying to keep us apart?”

He added: “I can twist this whichever way I want. I want another £2,000 or you’ll lose everything.”

However, in upcoming scenes, things are set to take an unexpected turn and will see Noah and Samson clashing.

Official spoilers released by ITV also confirm that Amelia will end up making a life-changing decision.

Noah’s at a loss when he finds out Amelia is contemplating quitting college because of the difficulties of finding care for Esther.

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Despite making up her mind, Amelia’s father, Dan (Liam Fox) is determined to sort this out for her.

Elsewhere, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) is proud of Samson when he reveals his latest exam results and hands him twenty quid to celebrate.

Noah is frustrated by Samson’s attitude and soon they square up to each other.

How will Amelia react when she finds out that Samson is only seeing Esther because Noah is paying him?

The truth could also hurt more than one family if the Dingles discover Samson has been taking money from Noah.

Sam and Lydia (Karen Blick) will be heartbroken to learn Samson has money in his bank account when they are struggling to pay for heating.

While Amelia and Noah’s relationship may not last when she realises he has lied to her.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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