Eurovision viewers rave about Norway’s ‘amazing’ performing banana wolves

The long wait is over and its finally time for the Eurovision final.

Plenty of acts have gone on in the first half including bookie favourite Ukraine but there is one act that has blown away Eurovision viewers.

Norway performed the song Banana wolf dressed up as wolves.

People have taken to twitter to show their love for the song and the outfits.

One person wrote: "Let the banana wolves win please! #Eurovision "

Another said: "Someone give that wolf a banana…Amazing haha"

A third said: "Give That Wolf A Banana may be the most #Eurovision thing I've ever seen 11/10 Amazing!"

While a forth penned: "That was amazing. Give that damn wolf a banana already! #Eurovision "

The UK's performer Sam Ryder is yet to perform, and he is one of the favourites to win.

He is currently behind Ukraine in the latest betting odds, but his popularity on video platform TikTok could prove fruitful.

The singer, who rose to fame during lockdown, has over 12m followers and the most followed UK music artist on the video app.

Sam even found fans amongst the skyscrapers of New York City when Alicia Keys posted a video reacting to his cover of her song If I Ain't Got You.

But the singer is confident his song SPACE MAN is the perfect fit for this year's competition.

In an interview with Ken Bruce on Radio 2, Sam said: "I wrote this song about a year ago with two very close friends of mine and it was kind of the song that started my journey, got record labels interested… so I knew it was really important.

"Anyone that knows me knows that I overthink absolutely everything and I’m glad, though, that I over-thought this because having waited on it, we’ve been given this amazing opportunity with Eurovision to release it and give it it’s little moment in the world. I think it’s perfect for it."

Sam will be performing in the second half of the final on BBC one this evening.

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