Family only wear red and white and live in red and white house, too

When you find a colour scheme you absolutely love, there’s no harm in going all out on it.

Take this family, who exclusively wear red and white clothes, live in a home decorated with red and white interiors, and even drive a red and white car.

The colour obsession began with dad Sevenraj, 58, who comes from a family that believed in wearing plain white clothes.

At the age of 18, Sevenraj decided to add a red tie to his usual outfits, and loved the reaction.

From there, he bought a red and white car, then red shoes, then a pair of red-framed sunglasses, until the red and white combo had begun to seep into all areas of his life.

Now, his family lives in a home with red and white tables, armchairs, home appliances, crockery, and even a red and white toilet seat.

‘I always wanted to be unique and living with these colours make me a unique person in the world,’ Sevenraj said.

‘I have more than 30 ties, 15 coats, 30 shirts, 25 trousers all in red and white colour. I wear a new shirt every day but people think I am wearing same clothes.’

The businessman, who was named after the number seven by his artist father for being the seventh child, also has an obsession with the number seven.

His car’s number plate has the number seven, he has embroidered a crown symbol and number seven on all his suits and shirts, and his blazers have seven buttons and seven pockets.

The number seven is stitched into the headrest on his car, and proudly displayed on the lapels of his red and white blazer.

He even speaks seven languages, including Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and his own mother tongue Malayalam.

‘I believe this number is lucky for me,’ Sevenraj said.

While his family haven’t hopped on the seven train, they have joined in with the red and white hype.

Wife Pushpa accepted the colour scheme when she married Sevenraj 25 years ago, and now their two children Bharatraj and Maneesha also wear red and white clothes to stick to the theme.

‘At first, people laughed at me and thought I am a fool but I swore I will wear red and white clothes till my death,’ Sevenraj said.

‘Today, the world is talking about me, and I am proud of that.

‘Now wherever we go, people recognise us. They know us the red and white family. I enjoy all the attention.

‘People follow me and request for selfies at traffic signals. Some people send red and white gifts to my house.

‘Earlier I was only known in the town but now, everyone knows me and my family in the country and even abroad. I feel like a celebrity.’

The father has been recently honoured by the World Book of Records for his ‘unique lifestyle and flamboyant personality’.

Cashing on his popularity, dad-to-two Sevenraj has recently ventured into films. He has recently produced and acted in a film where he plays a villain.. And sticking to his identity, he has worn red and white clothes in the film.

‘I always wanted to be an actor but after failed attempts in my youth, now I have produced my own film,’ he added. ‘ I am confident with my popularity, people will enjoy my work on screen.’

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