Gwyneth Paltrow admits she no longer wears makeup

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Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, is no stranger to getting glammed up, as those who have followed her decades-long acting career will be aware, but she’s now shared the truth about her ambivalence for makeup. The self-confessed tomboy admitted in a new podcast that she dislikes it so much she now almost never wears it.

Chatting to reality star Kim Kardashian during the latest episode of the Goop podcast, Gwyneth – who ditched acting to start her own wellness brand – confesses she feels better when she’s au naturel.

“I barely ever wear makeup… I really hate it. I wanna scrape it off my face,” she shuddered, adding: “I’m such a tomboy on that one.”

Kim, whose career has been built on her glamorous looks, sympathised that she has “started to feel that way too”.

Admitting that she only wears makeup day-to-day if she’s filming or out on the town, she declared: “I don’t wear as much as I did.

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“I think that started in quarantine [when I had] nowhere to go,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Gwyneth has begun to embrace the natural look following her decision to retire from acting to focus on her lifestyle brand Goop.

She was at the top of her game at the turn of the century, after winning an Academy Award for her performance in Shakespeare in Love – but she wasn’t totally content.

She explained her decision to quit, which attracted a backlash from disappointed fans, by telling the world that after she won the coveted Oscar, she felt people were no longer rooting for her.

Instead, at a new height of fame, she despaired that people “were wanting to tear me down and take pleasure in it”.

However, she revealed on US channel NBC that she saw the experience as “a really beautiful lesson in knowing who you are… f**k everybody else!”

That attitude has extended to makeup as she now prefers to focus on healing her skin from within, instead of wearing bold products on the exterior.

The star, who started her brand with a newsletter back in 2008 before expanding into product sales, blogging and podcasting, revealed on her site earlier in the year that she was all about a “natural glow”.


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“I don’t generally wear makeup to the office—or on the weekends, for that matter,” she declared.

“My routine is all about getting a natural glow: great sleep, exercise, nutrition, and a skin-care ritual that also helps me get mentally ready for the day.”

She’s not shy about sharing photos of herself without makeup, either, having recently shown the world footage of her smearing on a serum against skin damage.

Standing topless in the shower, with her face as bare as her body, in an advert for the product the mum-of-two revealed she’d also taken a milk bath.

Gwyneth has been accused of eccentricity after promoting a series of new age products that raised some fans’ eyebrows.

These included vagina-scented candles, coffee enemas and even a psychic vampire repellent spray.

However, she has a hugely successful podcast, with plenty tuning in to hear her latest episode, featuring a conversation with Kim Kardashian.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest episode of her Goop podcast is available here.

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