Hairdresser’s shampoo experiment claims to show problem of using cheap products

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A hairdresser has revealed why she thinks it is worth spending a bit more on your shampoo with a video experiment – but not everyone is convinced.

Rachel Serafini, from the US, filmed a simple experiment to show the supposed difference between a high-street brand shampoo and one from a professional haircare brand.

In the clip posted to Facebook, she places two glasses of water on the table and squeezes the liquid from two separate brands into each glass.

Rachel uses the £19.95 UNITE 7Seconds Shampoo and TRESemmé's 24 Hour Body Shampoo, which costs £2.58 for 800ml at Superdrug.

She then stirs to dissolve the shampoo in the water with a spatula before dipping a strip hair into it.

Rachel puts a strand of purple-dyed hair into each glass and rubs it gently.

It appears that the colour comes off far quicker in the cheaper brand and turns the glass purple while the other one barely changes.

The hairdresser wrote in the post: "Did my own little experiment. Professional Salon Product VS. Drug store product."

Her clip has amassed more than 78,000 views since she posted and many were shocked by the results, reports Mirror Online.

One said: "No wonder my hair is like it is."

Another added: "Holy cow. So imma need to buy some real shampoo from you."

But some were not convinced and said they have used other cheap products and have had any problems with it.

"I use TRESemmé regularly and it never looks like that nor brings any colour out of my hair," a viewer commented.

A second agreed: "I have used TRESemmé a lot and never my colour faded like that."

Daily Star Online has contacted TRESemmé for comment.

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