Hollyoaks spoilers: Richard Blackwood makes chilling threat to Walter as he meets son Mitchell – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS has revealed the first look at Richard Blackwood's character Felix Westwood as he arrives in the village to meet his son – and threatens Walter.

The villain – who is being played by the former EastEnders actor – will come to the village to meet his long lost son Mitchell, but it won't take him long to issue a chilling threat to Mitchell's grandfather Walter.

He warns a terrified Walter: "I know too much."

Elsewhere in the bombshell trailer John Paul McQueen can be seen being kidnapped, Warren trying to murder Liam Donovan and Diane confessing to sleeping with Tony's dad.

In new trailer, Mercedes McQueen, played by Jennifer Metcalfe, also discovers the truth about who shot her during violent showdown during Liam's dramatic devil's dinner party.

Warren Fox is out for blood after getting arrested for attacking bad boy Liam Donovan and Mercedes' brother John Paul McQueen, is kidnapped, as all of Liam’s enemies are held hostage at the local pub and forced to attend his twisted devil’s dinner party.

In less murderous happenings, Tony Hutchinson, played by Nick Pickard finds out that his wife, Diane had an affair whilst he was held captive, and later, he publicly discovers that it was with his estranged father, Edward, played by Joe McGann.

Sienna also makes her return to the village just in time to catch her boyfriend and sister declaring their feelings for one another.

Liberty has fallen in love with Brody and with her carrying her own baby and not Sienna's – that puts the sisters in a deadly collision course.

Has Sienna returned to claim back what’s hers, or does Liberty have second thoughts on whether to keep the baby?

Juliet and Sid are trapped dealing drugs for Sid’s controlling cousin, Jordan, who believes he owns them.

Juliet breaks down as she is caught and arrested, but James is on the case, as the Nightingales rally around her.

A broken Darren airs out his feelings to an empty room as he claims that he is a burden on society, and useless.

Mandy is worried, as he keeps coming down with non-specific illnesses. Kyle talks to him about his behaviour, and admits that he thinks he is depressed. Will Darren get the help he needs…

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