How beauty fans de-puffed their faces in 35 minutes with massage

Cheekbones and a jawline in as little as 35 minutes! Beauty fans’ faces are transformed with clever massage technique – and experts share a step-by-step guide so YOU can do it at home

  • Beauty fans revealed how they transformed their faces in as little as 50 minutes
  • Used massage techniques to sharpen the jawline and reduce puffiness 
  • Experts from Face Gym revealed how to achieve the look at home 

Beauty fans have shared striking before-and-after photos revealing how they sharpened their jawlines and reduced puffiness without the use of surgery or fillers. 

The secret to their chiselled looks is being kneaded, prodded and poked by skincare professionals at FaceGym, a ‘gym studio for the face’ with branches in the US and the UK. 

Treatments focus around stimulating the 40 muscles that make up the ‘scaffolding’ of the face, using techniques including manipulating the inside of the cheek, massaging the jaw with a closed fist and wearing a mask charged with an electrical current.

The company was founded by businesswoman Inge Theron after she discovered the power of facial massage while detoxing from the injectibles and other invasive treatments she had become addicted during her years as a Financial Times beauty writer.

Beauty fans have shared striking before-and-after photos revealing how they sharpened their jawlines and reduced puffiness without the use of surgery or fillers. Pictured, sports and fitness instructor Marino Isolani shared his results after a 35-minute treatment at FaceGym

‘The practice of facial exercise has a long history but it’s often news to people that over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of the face,’ she explained to FEMAIL. 

‘Just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and toned they become.

‘Facial Muscle Stimulation helps to keep the muscles firm and skin tight but it also stimulates the most important protein for keeping the face look young, collagen. It’s also proven to help with skin cell renewal, detox and fine line reduction.’ 

UK-based influencer and jewellery maker Sarah Elizabeth shared photos of her face looking noticeably more toned and defined after her 50-minute Cryo Medi Lift Workout. 

The treatment involves massage, use of a mask that uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles and a shot of Cryo Oxygen. 

Writing on Instagram after one treatment, she explained that it helped alleviate water retention around her face and neck that she had mistakenly thought was fat. 

‘Facial massage is incredible and after @sophieanneperry_ worked her magic a couple of weeks ago I feel so much better,’ she wrote. ‘I now do the exercises every day without fail and the water retention hasn’t come back. I just want to announce this to the universe.’

Meanwhile sports and fitness instructor Marino Isolani, who visited one of the company’s studios in New York, looked more chiseled after the 35-minute Signature Sculpt.

UK-based influencer and jewellery maker Sarah Elizabeth shared photos of her face looking noticeably more toned and defined after her 50-minute Cryo Medi Lift Workout

Fans were quick to share their praise for the transformation, with one writing: ‘Wow looks like he got a face lift, amazing.’

Another posted: ‘Jesus you just gave this man a jawline and cheekbones holy f**k.’ 

Inge explained many customers are surprised to discover the significant difference facial massage can have upon their skin. 

She said: ‘People mistakenly think a good skin routine Is all about the skincare product, but what we teach our community is that is only half of it.

‘Your application method is pivotal to toning, lifting and firming and we have created the simplest, most affective routine you can easily incorporate into your morning and evening regime.’

Inge founded FaceGym in 2016, when the company opened its first branch in Selfridges. 

This client saw results after just 10 minutes using a mask that uses electrical current to stimulate the facial muscles. Inge explained muscles can be ‘trained’ to respond to massage

The former PR executive has always ‘loved spas’ and used them as her escape while running her own company in her 20s. 

In 2008 she quit to launch her own board game but became so burnt out she was ill for a year. 

Realising corporate life wasn’t for her, Inge sold up and travelled to India. She was later offered a column at the Financial Times called Chronicles Of A Spa Junkie.

Over the next three years she tried out treatments around the world but found herself become addicted to injectibles. 

Writing in the Daily Mail in 2019 she told how her face ‘collapsed’ at the age of 37. 

‘The turning point was when I had a thread lift — the threads were put in too superficially and I was left puckered and swollen,’ she wrote. 

‘I’ll never forget waking up and feeling like Frankenstein. The worst part was I’d done it to myself. I had no idea if I’d ever be ‘normal’ again.  

‘I took three months out to recover at an ashram in Mexico, where the injectables were massaged out of my face, twice a day for an hour, using ancient Incan techniques.

‘I learned that you can tone and sculpt the muscles in your face, as much as in the rest of your body. And I realised I’d never looked better — younger than I had in years, and all completely natural.’

FaceGym was born in 2016 and now operates studios in the UK and US.   

The facial massage moves YOU can try at home – from ‘The Thinker’ to ‘Cheek Burpees’ and ‘Hey Smiley’ 

Experts at FaceGym reveal the step-by-step guide to trying facial massage at home… 

1. The Thinker

Make a fist and rest your chin on it, like you’re feeling the weight of the day. While you maintain the upward pressure from your fist, open your mouth against that pressure, and the close again. Keep opening and closing while maintaining the pressure from your fist. Do this ten times. This exercise will burn, but it’s so worth it!

2. Platysma Stretch

Push your lower jaw forwards by bringing your lower teeth in front of your upper teeth, now slowly raise your chin toward the ceiling in 5 counts. Now hold right here for another five and bring your face back down. Keep holding the tension in your jaw and, let’s go again – up in five counts. Then hold again for another five counts and back down again.

3. Cheek Burpees

Place your right hand on the right side of your face. Lightly use your hand to pull the cheek’s skin back. Now, breathe out forcefully toward the left for ten reps. Try as hard as you can to work against the stretch created from your hand! Now bring your left hand to your left cheek and repeat the same exercise for ten reps. Remember, one side of your face may be weaker than the other, so don’t worry about taking it a little easier in some of the reps!

4. Eye Squint

Focus on a point in the distance and squint your eyes like you can’t see. Hold for three seconds, then open your eyes up wide in total surprise! Squint again, hold as much as you can, and finally open them as wide as you can. One more time, squint, tight, and open wide, as wide as you can!

5. Hey Smiley

Smile by pulling the corners of your mouth outward, don’t grimace, or crinkle your eyes. Imagine you are saying the letter “E”. The rest of your face should be totally still. Keep holding this position. It may feel like you are doing very little but you are actually targeting exactly those small muscles around your mouth and working them to help avoid any sagging at the corners. Release for a few seconds and smile again. Stretch the mouth to the sides like two hooks were pulling them out. Hold for at least ten seconds, then release.

6. Corrugator Lift

Take your index finger and place it on your Corrugator muscle, right between your eyebrows. Next, raise your eyebrows up and down ten times. Lift those brows up as far as they can go to deepen the workout and the stretch. This exercise is so amazing to build your forehead’s strength an brighten your eyes! Keep that index finger firm on the corrugator.

7. Finish and hydrate with FaceGym Hydro-Bound Serum

Now your muscles are tight and toned, apply the Hydro-Bound Serum to hydrate skin for the day. Packed full of Polyglutamic Acid and multi-molecular HA4, this keeps skin feeling bouncy and plump. Use plucking, nasal labial flicks and frontalis slides and semi-circles to increase product absorption – scan the QR code on pack to watch a FaceGym Master Trainer take you through these moves. 

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