‘I crossdress and meet men – I’ve been married 30 years and my wife has no idea’

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A man in his fifties has opened up about his double life where he dresses as a woman and meets men – and he claims his wife of 30 years has no idea.

Crossdressing is the practice where a person will dress in the clothes of the opposite gender, sometimes as the result of a fetish.

And Kris, a 50-something man based in the US, shared his experiences in the kink when he spoke on the Consenting Adults podcast.

Asked by the podcast’s host what secret he possesses that even his wife doesn’t know, Kris confessed: “I enjoy dressing as a woman and meeting men.

“I don’t feel bisexual, but I guess if I am engaging in sex with a man, then I guess I could be considered bisexual.”

But, Kris explained that when he ventures out to meet men, he takes on an alter-ego called Kristie, noting: “In my mind, I am more of a woman.”

Looking back, the US-based man described how his unusual interests had begun in high-school, but stressed that despite crossdressing for so many years, he had never confided in his partner about it.

“There have been several times when I have almost been caught,” he recalled.

“I’ve had some undergarments found, I’ve had a pair of my heels found, I’ve had some of my dresses found by her.

“When she found the heels I just said it was a fetish of mine; not that I wore them, but that I really love the image of women in high heels.”

“It’s almost like I feel like I would be a really good criminal, because I have to cover my tracks.”

And, when Kris revealed how long he had been married, host Lena Nguyen was shocked, asking: “You’ve been married over 30 years and this woman has no idea?”

Getting into the details, Kris described how he finds other men online, before he is then able to meet them during the day because of his work schedule.

And, he admitted that sometimes the thoughts of his rendezvous can intrude upon his marriage.

“Our sexual relationship hasn’t really happened in a few years," he acknowledged.

“Over the course of our relationship we’ve become more kind of roommates, the passion isn’t there.

“I think in a perfect world I’d be single, and I’d have days when I went out as Kristie, and then I would have times when I’d meet women as Kris.

“Dressed as Kristie, I wish I even had a female friend where I could say, ‘hey, let’s look at dresses or go shopping, talk about different sorts of hairstyles and makeup trends’.”

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