Influencer called ‘dirty’ for toe hair tells trolls to ‘mind your own business’

An influencer has hit back at trolls who called her "disgusting" for showing off her natural hair on her chest, stomach and toes in a TikTok video.

Bekki, from Bath, posted a video to encourage people to ditch the so-called beauty standards and not to shave their body hair in summer.

The viral video saw her showing her natural hair on her chest, her stomach, her face and her toes.

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She also zooms in on her no make-up face, revealing her acne scars and blemishes.

"The only thing you need to cover your skin with this summer is…sunscreen!" Bekki said.

Her post was met with negative comments from trolls who said she is being "unhygienic" and "dirty".

One said: "Put me off when you show your toes."

"The hair," another wrote and added a vomit emoji. "I don't personally need nor like to see but the nails are just laziness and poor hygiene."

A third commented: "My grandad got better feet than you."

To address the issue that people mentioned, Bekki posted another video showing her chipped nail varnish and hair on her toes.

The "body and skin advocate" also wrote on Instagram: "Dear trolls, these are my toes and I do not need to shave them.

"You can shave your toes and mind your own business too.

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"Yours sincerely, Bekki with hairy toes."

But some fans liked her empowering snaps and thanked Bekki for normalising body hair.

One shared: "Someone once told me that hairy toes is a sign of good circulation. Hairy and healthy."

"The people who get offended by this just act like kids," a second said. "If a natural human body freaks you out then you are the problem, not the person living life."

Bekki mentioned in the comments that she has polycystic ovary syndrome – which may cause physical signs such as excess facial or body hair.


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