Jeremy Clarksons leaves agent banging head on table with disastrous new venture

Jeremy Clarkson promotes his Hawkstone Lager

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Jeremy Clarkson’s land agent, nicknamed Cheerful Charlie, is not best pleased by his new farm venture. Speaking out in his latest column today, the Clarkson’s Farm star detailed the moment he broke the news to his Amazon Prime co-star.

Rolling his eyes and rhythmically banging his forehead on the table

Jeremy Clarkson

The 61-year-old claimed his colleague “rhythmically banged his forehead on the table” on hearing that he wants to grow spring barley at Diddly Squat.

It comes as The Grand Tour host has invested in a brewery and is launching his own lager.

Jeremy and his business partners have named the tipple Hawkstone, after a neolithic standing stone in the Cotswolds.

However, the presenter’s enthusiasm for the project was not matched by Charlie.

Jeremy shared the moment he voiced his thoughts behind the scenes, after devising a plan for the former’s farm for next year.

This included three types of wheat, two types of oilseed rape, echium, potatoes, grassland for the cows and winter barley.

The star recalled: “While we were celebrating our genius with the name, Cheerful Charlie, turned up with the crop plan he’d devised.

“… But no spring barley at all. I don’t know why beer has to be made from barley that’s planted in March rather than September, but it does. And Charlie had left it out.”

When Jeremy stated that he’d not included it, Charlie made his feeling clear.

“‘I know,’ he replied. ‘It’s always disastrous on your farm, so I didn’t think we’d bother any more.'”

The ex Top Gear star continued: “I pulled my special crestfallen face and explained that I’d just invested in a brewery that would use my barley and that we had a name and everything.

“‘Ah,’ said Charlie, before gently rolling his eyes and rhythmically banging his forehead on the table.”

Despite growing the crop being “a risk”, Jeremy said he was “lucky” last year to get a good price.

In the hope of making more profit, he and his fellow farmers are having a meeting to discuss setting up a co-operative malting operation.

He also quipped in The Sunday Times: “Everyone at Diddly Squat is fully engaged with the idea of diverting all our energy next year into careful spring barley farming.

“Even Charlie, who when I talked about it this morning said: ‘Oh God.'”

Jeremy teased the news of his lager via Instagram two days ago in view of his 4.2 million followers.

It immediately caused a stir, with model Jodie Kidd quickly telling him: “Just pre ordered a case.”

“Jeremy I f**king love you,” user the_slick_wick simply stated.

“James May should buy that for his pub,” carolbertrandlefandewot added, referencing Jeremy’s co-star.

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