Jordan Klepper Hits An Iowa Trump Rally And Uncovers His ‘Nightmare’

Comedian Jordan Klepper hit Iowa last week to chat with some of President Donald Trump’s hard-core supporters before his reelection campaign rally in Des Moines.

“The Daily Show” correspondent met assorted characters aboard the “Trump Train,” as one avid supporter called it, and quizzed them on their feelings about the president’s impeachment.

Klepper’s findings, presented on Trevor Noah’s program Monday night, included:

“While they seem to want firsthand information from witnesses, they definitely didn’t want witnesses with firsthand information.”

“I’ve read the transcript, meaning like, I’ve watched everybody read it on the news, I haven’t seen the transcript,” one woman told Klepper, while urging others to read the transcript.

His other interviews included a “quid pro crow,” a discussion on the president’s “tweetings” and a stunning shirt that Klepper described as the stuff of his nightmares.

Check on the report below.


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