Julie Andrews, 86, returns to Sound of Music location after 50 years with poignant post

Julie Andrews: Shock truth behind iconic Sound Of Music scene

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Overcome with emotion, multi-award winning actress Julie Andrews, 86, took to Facebook to share her feelings at reliving her time filming The Sound Of Music, with her over 117,000 followers. “50 years later, the hills are still alive,” she quipped, posting a then and now photo on the site.

The music, still–and always–lives in my bones and in my soul

Julie Andrews

“When I look back at this time, I realize that my senses were suffused with all that I’d seen and experienced in Austria,” she told fans in another Facebook post from the past weekend.

“Those vast mountains are forever seared in my memory; the smell of the fresh air; the showers and the downpours on the fields and flowers.

“Above all, the music, still–and always–lives in my bones and in my soul.”

The poignant tribute was signed off: “Julie Andrews on her time in Salzburg during the making of ‘The Sound of Music’.”

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Fans shared in her nostalgia, with one, Janet Meany, praising: “So well put, Ms. Andrews!

“The Sound of Music was the first major motion picture I saw in a theater, when I was a little girl.

“I will never forget seeing you on that mountain, turning and singing! Loved the movie; still love it!”

Gini Wickland chimed in, telling Julie that she related to every recollection she’d published.

“This is beautiful! We were able to feel all those things through you,” she told her.

“One of the greatest stories and movies of all time.”

Isabelle Hermann was equally emotional, confessing: “No matter how many times I watch this movie, this opening scene brings tears to my eyes!”

Meanwhile, Andreina Garban exclaimed: “Dame Julie Andrews is still The Sound of Music.

“I really believe that there are few movies in the history of cinema that are as beloved as this one. And this voice and this woman and the experience of the movie are so embedded in my heart.

“Beloved Julie is still the voice of childhood, goodness, joy and sweet memories.”

Super fan Adore Almeida added: “I’ve seen the movie more or less 14 times. 9 in different movie theaters and the rest at home on tv and DVDs.”

Julie, now 86, was just 20 years old when director Moss Hart decided to take a chance on her in the lead role as Maria von Trapp.

She had never landed a major singing role before, but the decision paid off, as she would soon become a firm favourite with the public.

The past week’s nostalgic posts on Facebook, featuring her against a stunning mountainous backdrop, clearly went down a treat with fans, both new and old.

As Isabel Charbonneau wrote, “For so many thousands of us Dame Julie Andrews, the music, will always live in our hearts and memories, as will the magic that you created in your films. Thank you!”

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