Katie Price hides her ‘battered and bruised’ face as she recovers from surgery that left her ‘looking like a monster’

KATIE Price hid her "battered and bruised" face as she was pictured for the first time since having surgery.

The 43-year-old claimed she was left her "looking like a monster" after having full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and fat injected into her bum.

She reunited with her daughter Princess yesterday after three weeks apart as she returned from Turkey.

The TV star's fiancé Carl Woods posted snaps of the mother/daughter duo cuddled up with their puppy – but Katie was camera-shy.

Instead of her typical posing, Katie used the dog to cover her face as she snuggled behind 14-year-old Princess.

It's likely Katie is still very swollen and cut-up after going under the knife in her latest round of plastic surgery.

The Sun's exclusive pictures showed how Katie looked unrecognisable just hours after waking from her dramatic body revamp.

She filmed her experience for fans to watch on YouTube.

We revealed how she woke to be told she would need a transfusion — but refused fearing Covid from the blood.

The mum of five admitted thinking: “What the f*** have I done?”

And Carl — watching in the operating room — feared she was dead.

Katie told The Sun: “Honestly, I’ve gone to hell and back, it was horrific — ‘Oh my God I look like a monster out of a horror movie’.

“I just thought, ‘This is it, I’m going to die. I was terrified of looking like a freak, like that Bride of Wildenstein or a fake doll.

“I’ve woken up with holes and stitches all over my body. I look like I’ve got cat’s whiskers coming out of my nose and eyes. But I just want the old Katie back!”

Katie had the op three weeks ago and has been recovering in Turkey before facing a UK quarantine.

She brands herself a “surgery veteran” after three facelifts, and liposuction as many times.

She’s lost count of her boob jobs — thinking it’s around 12, and says Botox no longer works for her as she has had it so much since 30.

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