Killer guilty of slitting mum-of-three’s throat after she turned him down

A 29-year-old man murdered a mother-of-three who he tied up and tortured before slitting her throat after she "laughed" off his advances.

Brendan Rowan-Davies killed Kelly-Anne Case at her home in Gosport, Hampshire, before setting fire to the property in the early hours of July 30 2019.

The defendant shook his head as the jury returned its verdicts at Winchester Crown Court, convicting him of murder and arson.

Gasps and cries of "Yes" could be heard from the public gallery.

The court heard that Rowan-Davies had spent the night with a friend, Will Vallender, at Ms Case's home.

The trio had drunk vodka and taken cocaine.

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Rowan-Davies told the court he had told Ms Case he fancied her but "she just laughed".

He told the court Ms Case and Mr Vallender went upstairs to a bedroom to have sex and he filmed them using his mobile phone through a gap in the door.

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William Mousley QC, prosecuting, told the court that the two men left the house but Rowan-Davies returned alone an hour later.

He then tortured and killed Ms Case, bound her hands with cable ties and set light to the house.

At 6'3" Rowan-Davies towered over his 5'1" victim.

During a 16-day trial jurors heard how she was found by firefighters with her wrists bound by cable ties, naked on the edge of her stripped bedding, which had been taken downstairs and set on fire.

Mr Mousley said Rowan-Davies had "mutilated" the victim.

He suggested her wounds had "the appearance of someone wanting to control or coerce or terrify Kelly-Anne so perhaps she would do what she was being told."

The prosecutor added that later that morning Rowan-Davies was seen to burn items of clothing and dispose of other items including women's underwear he had taken from Ms Case's home.

Mr Mousley said DNA matches to the defendant and the victim were found on some of the clothing and on one of the cable ties as well as a sample taken from Ms Case's body.

Rowan-Davies, who has a previous conviction for burglary after he was found by a mother in her home in Gosport, will be sentenced later.

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