Laura Kuenssberg skewers Matt Hancock as fans blast interview

Laura Kuenssberg asks Matt Hancock if he’s ‘embarrassed’

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Laura Kuenssberg was back on Sunday with her BBC politics show where she spoke with a panel of experts about Jeremy Hunt being appointed by Liz Truss as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. The programme also saw Kuenssberg speaking with Hunt about his plans going forward. She also quizzed the MP over whether he was going to be “honest” with the public about his plans.

However, just minutes into the programme, fans slammed the host over her chat with Matt Hancock.

Some questioned why Kuenssberg had chosen to invite the former Health Secretary onto the show.

She also put the MP on the spot as she asked him whether he was “embarrassed”.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts about the interview, Franchesca wrote: “How the f*** has Matt Hancock got on the BBC!?”

User @EARNER1 fumed: “#LauraKuenssberg having Matt Hancock on the panel? TV on mute for now.”

“Matt Hancock….Seriously…,” Jo Pearce quizzed.

While user @SmithSpeak added: “Matt Hancock? Why are you giving a platform to this disgrace? I do not pay my licence fee for this.”

“Matt Hancock .. is that the best you could find ffs, bring back the political heavyweight Joe Lycett,” user @TreasonVoiceof asked. (sic)

Layla tweeted: “Noooo! Matt Hancock on @bbc where did they dredge him up?”

Simone went on to quiz: “Is this the best the Tories can do Matt Hancock? A disgraced Minister? Really? he has no credibility.”

Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg airs on Sunday at 9am on BBC One.

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