Law student becomes Hooters calendar girl to show you can have brains and beauty

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    A Hooters waitress has become one of 12 lucky women to be a part of the annual calendar.

    Leah Fennelly, 23, from Florida, had wanted to work for the company ever since she was a little girl and has now been employed by the restaurant chain for almost six years.

    The brunette beauty first became one of the new faces of the brand after her entry into the Miss Hooters Pageant earlier this year.

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    While Leah – who is also a law student – didn’t win, it has opened up other opportunities for her.

    She exclusively told Daily Star: “The pageant was a blast. It was about a six-day long event.

    “We did photoshoots for social media and ads, volunteered at a local organisation that re-plants trees affected by forest fires and did a calendar shoot on Lake Tahoe… And rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed!

    “I didn’t place, but I would love to try again next year now that I know the process! They judged us on an interview, Hooters uniform and bikini.”

    Although some may see this as a setback, Leah was able to get a place in the 2023 Hooters calendar.

    To be chosen as a participant, you must apply via an online application form where you submit bikini digitals.

    “The Hooters Calendar is awesome. Every year Hooters puts together a group of gorgeous girls from Hooters stores all over the world and puts them into a calendar for people to purchase,” she explained.

    “The Hooters Calendar is filled with your favourite Hooters girls clad in their favourite bikinis and swimsuits! On top of that, each calendar purchase helps charity.”

    If you are lucky enough to get chosen, they will eventually contact you to let you know they want to shoot with you.

    Leah was lucky enough to be chosen for a shoot so showed up to a mansion and did the photoshoot.

    However, this doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be in the calendar, just a step closer.

    The pageant girls also get to do a second calendar shoot during pageant week and their final picture is chosen from both shoots.

    “I’ve been trying to get into the calendar for years, I’ve been working at Hooters coming up on 6 years now, and I just made it, so I am ecstatic,” she shared.

    “I never thought this day would come, but here we are, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a dream come true – never give up!”

    Leah is lucky to have supportive friends and family who have been happy with her achievements but this can’t be said for strangers online.

    Sadly the student occasionally receives hate from trolls

    “As with anyone who puts their life on social media, I’ve faced a good amount of trolling. People online who feel they are anonymous can be so mean,” she shared.

    “I get trolled about everything, from appearance to the uniform, to the job in general. But overall, I’d say more people are nice as compared to mean.”

    You can follow Leah on TikTok here.


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