Learn how to analyze big data with this training for less than $50

Even though big data has taken over the world, it turns out there’s a massive problem afoot in the industry: most data collected by businesses isn’t being analyzed. New research found that the issue may be caused by a skills gap and could be costing companies billions of dollars. Yikes.

Most companies understand what big data has to offer, but not many people know what to do with it. And businesses are struggling to find folks who can capitalize on the true value of data. In other words, becoming more well-versed in data analytics can score you some major points in practically any industry. Here’s how you can do it: the Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle.

This training offers a year’s access to five courses on everything data analytics – from Python and Tableau to Excel and MongoDB. After over 70 lessons and over 40 hours of content, you’ll get the scoop on how to effectively process datasets and walk away with the skill set companies are dying for.

Here’s what to expect from each course:

Introduction to Data Analytics Training Course

Even total beginners can build a foundation in data analytics with the help of this introductory course. You’ll gain insights into applying data and analytics principles in business, learn the complete data analytics lifecycle, and understand the importance of data visualization.

Tableau Certification Training Course

Learn how to build data visualizations, organize data, and design dashboards using the powerful and fast-growing visualization tool Tableau. You’ll tackle statistics, data mapping, and data connections, and ultimately prepare to ace the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate exam, which will prove to potential employers that you know your stuff.

Data Science with Python Training Course

Learn data science analytics techniques using Python, a popular programming language for building web apps and manipulating data. Through nearly 15 hours of content, you’ll gain knowledge in not only data analysis, but also in machine learning, data visualization, web scraping, and natural language processing.

Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel

You’ve probably worked with Microsoft Excel at some point, but chances are you never dove into all it has to offer. Don’t worry; this three-hour course will show you all its advanced functions and tools, introduce you to Power BI to visualize your data, and teach you to analyze differences among group means in a sample using ANOVA.

MongoDB Developer & Administrator Certification Training

No data science toolbox is complete without MongoDB training. In this course, you’ll learn to install, configure, and maintain a MongoDB environment, explore operational strategies, gain an understanding of NoSQL, data modeling, ingestion, and data replication, and even master writing Java and Node JS applications. Don’t panic if you’ve never heard these terms; after 17 hours of content, you’ll be a master.

Usually these courses would cost you $2,645, but right now, you can score one heck of a deal and get them for just $49.

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