Liam Payne praises ex Cheryl and says they're 'closer than they've ever been' as they co-parent Bear

LIAM Payne has praised ex Cheryl and said they are 'closer than they've ever been' as they co-parent son Bear.

The couple split in 2018 after two years of dating and just over a year after Bear was born.

Since then, they have been sharing parenting responsibilities of their little boy, and in a new interview with Glamour, Liam opened up about how they have managed during the pandemic and lockdown.

He said: "Cheryl is literally the best person to co-parent with. No stress involved. It's very, very relaxed, and we spend a lot of time on FaceTime.

"And it's been really lovely, and I'm closer to them than I've ever been before, actually, which is really, really nice.

"But bedtime FaceTime can go really well sometimes. Or I bought him some toys yesterday that I showed them on the FaceTime and it was like I had to go and travel over and hand the toys over the fence!"

Liam has been glad to have his son and good relationship with Cheryl during the last year, as he admitted it had been difficult for him at times.

He said: "In the first half of it, I was so busy that I didn't really notice it as much, except for having to do a lot of stuff myself without crew and learning to do hair and makeup was kind of a weird experience.

"But then this second half, I stopped working and I had a full, proper month off [and that was] really hard.

"And it was all a bit dark for me for a little bit and I'm sure many people experienced it. Just not being able to go anywhere, not be able to do anything. It really, really hit home." 

Thankfully Liam also had the support of close friends and fiancee Maya Henry, who he proposed to in August last year.

Meanwhile, Liam will perform at the BAFTAs at London's Royal Albert Hall this weekend.

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