Lisa Vanderpump Sends Her Restaurant Tab To Former BFF Kyle Richards Amid Endless Feud!

In case you had forgotten (how could you?!) about Lisa Vanderpump‘s legendary series of fights with former BFF Kyle Richards, the Vanderpump Rules star is here to ignite controversy once more!

According to media reports, Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, hit up El Lay’s swanky Shu Restaurant on Monday night, where they saw something unexpected: Kyle was already there eating dinner alongside a Real Housewives executive producer!

As Lisa and Ken sat “several tables” away, according to TMZ, the bad blood must have festered during their meal. For one, neither Lisa nor Kyle ever went over to the other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s table to say hello — though the executive producer did say hi to Lisa.

But even worse, when it came time for the bill at Lisa’s table, the Vanderpump Rules matriarch big leagued the s** t out of her former friend by having the wait staff send her $132 tab to Kyle! SURPRISE!

The waiter complied with the request, but Richards and the Bravo EP didn’t feel like playing their part in the call-out, and they refused to pick up the tab.

How rude!

Thankfully, Lisa counted on that. According to TMZ, she not only left a cash tip for the server, she also left an imprint of her credit card with the restaurant so it could be charged in case Kyle rejected the tab. Smart thinking! And seriously, what a HIGHlariously devious and sinister act on Vanderpump’s part to try to stick it to her ex-pal in a fresh, new way!

Even after years of feuding, and following Lisa walking away from RHOBH for good, it’s clear the drama never ends!

Gotta tip your cap to Lisa and laugh about this one!!!

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