Lizzo Says New Mansion Is A Milestone After Sleeping In Her Car Before Fame

Lizzo has a rags-to-riches story right out of “Annie” … from sleeping in her car to living in a mega-mansion in ritzy Bel-Air … and she’s more than proud to talk about it.

Lizzo got emotional when “CBS Sunday Morning” reporter Tracy Smith asked about her journey of couch surfing in search of a warm place to sleep. The singer said she’s never really had a place of her own until recently, and it excites and fulfills her.

As for the $15 million home … well, it’s got a pedigree. None other than Harry Styles used to lay his head on a pillow in the same bedroom.

Lizzo’s on a roll, she’s already won 3 Grammys and her latest album, “Special,” has been nominated for 4 more. She made history this year, playing a crystal flute once owned by James Madison. Unfamiliar … plz Google.

Home may be where the heart is, but it helps if the heart is in the heart of Bel-Air!!!

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