Love Island couples at risk as Callum prepares to sleep with Molly and Jess kisses Ched behind Mike’s back – The Sun

LOVE Island couples at risk as Callum Jones prepares to sleep with Molly Smith and Jess Gale kisses Ched Uzor behind Mike Boateng's back

Things heat up in Casa Amor tonight as Callum gets ready to jump into bed with Molly.

After hitting it off within hours of meeting each other, Callum admits his "sexual attraction" to fellow Manchester dweller Molly.

And he reveals he doesn't feel the same way about Shaughna Phillips.

Molly wasted no time cracking on with Callum and coyly asked if she could jump into bed with him on the first night.

She said she feels most "comfortable" around him and he doesn't hesitate to accept.

Meanwhile, Jess snogs Ched as her head is turned by the hunk.

So will any of the couples survive Casa Amor this year?

In tonight's episode the villas go head to head in a new challenge and Molly is told to kiss the tallest boy.

And over in the main villa Shaughna drops her head into her hands as she realises that her man will be kissing one of the new bombshells.

Last night, fans were left cringing as Shaughna was left sobbing when her man left her without leaving something under her pillow to reassure her of his affections.

While the other girls were left gifts before their men went to Casa Amor, the 23-year-old Manchester lad headed off without following suit, leaving Shaughna branding him an "idiot".

But she then admitted that they're like an "old married couple" as they give each other a kiss at night and roll over to go to sleep, with Shaughna wearing her "spot cream".

Paige, Demi and Siannise were left little tokens by their lads to let them know they were thinking of them as they departed for Casa Amor.

Siannise squealed with delight when she realised that Luke T had left his fluffy grey eye mask under her pillow but Shaughna took the snub to heart and broke down in tears as she let her insecurity over their relationship show.

"I didn't have a chance to threaten him!" she complained.

Fans rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts – and their suspicions that Shaughna has more heartbreak to come.




Shaughna also revealed she doesn't trust Callum, branding her Love Island partner an "idiot".

And the 25-year-old Londoner might be right to distrust him – because over in Casa Amor the scaffolder has been drooling over new girl Molly Smith.

Talking to the other lads, he was shown struggling to put a sentence together, gasping: "Mate, I'm not even joking. Every time I took at Molly I'm like… it takes me… it's mad."

Even Mike, who has jumped from woman-to-woman with abandon, seemed shocked telling his arch-enemy Luke Mabbott: "Now we're getting the real Callum."

Speaking later in the Beach Hut, he says: "Molly from Manchester, what can I say? As soon as she walked through the door I think everything thought: 'She's a rocket.'"

Viewers also saw him agree to share a bed with Molly, after she made her move and asked him where he would be sleeping.

In the main villa, when the new boys, including newbie model Josh Kempton, 21, asked: "Do you trust Callum?" Shaughna replied bluntly: "No."

He pressed her: “You don’t trust him at all?” and she again replied: "No" while Alexi Eraclides added: “Neither do I.”

As The Sun Online revealed earlier, the pair were seen chatting about everything from their dogs, to which sweets Callum can fit in his dimples.

In a move that is sure to put model Molly on a collision course with Shaughna, he tells Finn Tapp: "Every time I look at Molly, I'm like: 'Wow.'"

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