Love Island fans accuse producers of intentionally sabotaging Paige and Finn

It was the fallout from the 'News Splash' task on tonight's episode of Love Island, as the couples had their relationships tested to the max.

One of the strongest couples in the villa – Paige and Finn had a heated conversation after one of the headlines insinuated the hunk had his head turned during Casa Amor.

Finn insisted he hadn't and had instead just told the boys the girls he thought were attractive.

However, Paige was not convinced and said it had concerned her due to her past trust issues.

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But, it appeared the pair patched things up although Paige admitted she was tempted to throw wine on him.

Finn said: "Look at you, smirking."

Paige responded: "I’m smirking at how well I’ve handled that without dousing you in wine."

Viewers weren't happy with the negative headline about Finn being brought up in the villa, as they didn't want things to be rocked between their favourite couple.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer fumed: "Until I know that Finley and Paige are okay, I'm not watching #LoveIsland again. I didn't even watch last night's or tonight's, knowing what was coming. See what you're doing, producers? You're only losing viewers by causing unnecessary drama, not gaining them."

While another continued: "Why did the producers try and break Finn and Paige up?

A third added: "Can we talk about how the producers are playing on people's personal traumas like Paige's trust issues and the fact that Molly has been cheated on before?"

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2

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