Love Island fans concered by Rebecca’s painful-looking sunburn

Romance is heating on Winter Love Island, but that's not the only thing that's scorching.

With the new series taking place in Cape Town, the islanders are no doubt topping up the tan during their villa stay.

However many fans noticed Rebecca Gormley hasn't been applying sun cream, and is now rocking a painful-looking sunburn.

During Thursday's episode, viewers couldn't tear their eyes away from Miss Newcastle's pinkish hue.

Taking to social media, many commented on Rebecca's lobster-like tan.

"Actually cringing at Rebecca’s sunburn, she’s only been there a day," one remarked.

"Wow, you would see that sunburn from space. Get the factor 50 out Rebecca," another commented.

While a third was concerned: "Rebecca's sunburn is making me cringe."

Rocking straplines and a rosy burn, the brunette bombshell didn't seem to care about her not-so-sun-kissed skin.

Instead of her suncream applying, Rebecca has been concentrating her efforts on finding a man.

The part-time model made a beeline for Callum Jones when she first arrived in the villa, but has since found herself a new beau.

After Callum decided to run back into the arms of Shaughna Phillips, the 21-year-old moved on to Connagh Howard.

The promising love birds shared their first smooch on Wednesday episode, and things look to be heating up for the pair.

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm.

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