Machine Gun Kelly, In Costume, Snorts 'Cocaine' Off Megan Fox's Breast

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox took their Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson costumes to the extreme — recreating a wild, whirlwind romance … and it’s pretty on the nose.

The rocker and actress dressed up as the iconic couple for Halloween this weekend … rocking their famed 1995 look from when they attended the grand opening for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas, with Pam/Meg in a pink dress and Tommy/MGK in a tank top.

They went to the Casamigos party looking like this, which is all fine and good — but a video Kelly posted Saturday is stirring controversy … namely, a clip of him snorting a powdery substance off MF’s chest with a rolled dollar bill. He licks her boob and kisses her afterward.

The so-called “cocaine” is probably fake, but nonetheless … there’s a good amount of people online who expressed shock he would film himself doing this, even if it is a gag.

It doesn’t seem like he or Megan really care  … his caption telegraphs as much. It reads, “happy Halloween virgins.” Frankly, this fits their MO as a couple — tons of shock value stunts, including confessions about drinking each other’s blood and whatnot.

The bigger issue though, in this particular instance, is MGK’s younger fan base — including teens who might be susceptible to seeing him partake in something objectively bad for you.

Of course, both Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have young children of their own … so there’s that too.

The irony … while Pam and Tommy are often spoken about in terms of “drugs, sex and rock and roll” … they themselves have said they didn’t really dabble in hardcore stuff. Yes, Tommy has a rep for partying hard while in Mötley Crüe … but it sounds like TL and PA were living relatively clean while married, at least per their public statements about that time.

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