McDonald’s Is Selling A Set Of Six Candles That Combine To Smell Like A Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s is selling a set of six candles that combine to smell like its famous Quarter Pounder to celebrate the burger’s 5oth anniversary.

The smell of food can do strange things to a person, depending on how long it has been since the last time they ate. Even if someone doesn’t feel hungry, or at least doesn’t think that they do, the smell of a certain food or meal being prepared will change everything. It’s why we have to meticulously plan our route home from work to make sure we don’t drive past certain restaurants.

That’s all well and good, but what if we then make it home and our house is filled with the smell of a certain food. No problem, right? That likely means that food is currently being prepared in your kitchen. Unless you live alone, that’s good news. Well, not necessarily.

It’s now possible to walk into your home and smell McDonald’s despite there being none of the fast-food franchise’s food there for you to eat. Not because you’ve have eaten it so much that the smell is baked into your life, but because of McDonald’s new Quarter Pounder range. The fast-food giant has released a range of products to celebrate the burger’s 50th anniversary, and the piece de la resistance is a set of six scented candles.

The six scents are the bun, ketchup, onion, pickles, beef, and cheese. Light them all and apparently, it will smell exactly like a Quarter Pounder. Or anyone who chooses to buy the set can light the candles individually and have their house smell like onions, or pickles, or the bread in which the burger comes. Honestly, we didn’t think McDonald’s buns had a scent so that one intrigues us most.

When we first heard this news, we immediately checked what the date was. It sounds just like the sort of stunt a company would pull on April Fools Day. But no, this one is legit. The set of candles is for sale at for $35 but is currently sold out. There are other Quarter Pounder products on sale such as a calendar, a t-shirt, and a locket filled with photos of the burger for big fans of the burger while they wait for the candles to come back in stock.

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