M&S have launched a Love Cucumber to bring some cool romance to your Valentines Day

In case you missed it, which of course you haven’t, Valentines Day is fast approaching. Whether you are single or part of a pair, you have most likely been inundated with adverts and ideas on how to celebrate the day of love.

Do you book a fancy dinner to show that special someone what they mean to you? Do you cosy up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and watch the Notebook, while silently (but romantically) sobbing into your partner’s shoulder?

Or do you get decked out in all your finery and hit the town with the sole aim of knocking back tequila and chat up lines. The choice is yours.

However, we are about to make that choice a little more difficult by introducing the new offering from M&S which could put a spanner in the works of any pre-made plans.

Are you ready? Well, ladies and gentlemen the best-loved supermarket have just released the Love Cucumber.

Although this may sound like something it shouldn't, it really is just a cucumber that is shaped like a heart. To be honest, we are struggling to see a better way to tell someone ‘I love you’ than with geometrically modified vegetables.

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The cucumbers are created in a heart-shaped mould so when you cut it into slices it created little green hearts. M&S suggest popping a few slices into a nice G&T to add a little a bit of novelty romance.

However, annoyingly not everyone will be afforded the opportunity to bite into these crunchy little shapes as they are only available in their 94 biggest stores and will be around for a limited amount of time only.

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Guy Grimshaw, M&S agronomist, said: “Our customers really get into the spirit on Valentine’s Day and love the innovative new products we bring out each year. This year it’s not only about the famous Love Sausage… But the new Love Cue is sure to bring a smile to our customers faces. Slice it and add to a G&T and celebrate this Valentine’s Day in style.”

M&S have also brought back last year's favourite Love Sausage, which is a heart shaped sausage. We are sensing a little bit of a theme here…

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