Nicola vows to bring down Moira after crash in Emmerdale

A horrific car crash in Emmerdale between vehicles being driven by Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) left Nicola’s daughter Angel (Rebecca Bakes) with serious injuries – and left Nicola seething with anger and determined to make Moira face justice for her part in the accident.

It all happened after a stressed Nicola saw her daughter returning home alone, when she was supposed to be at the dentist with Jimmy (Nick Miles). He’d been distracted by an argument with his nephew, Tom (James Chase), who’s returned to the village recently and let’s just say has been having difficulty settling in. Discovering that his father killed his grandfather didn’t help, nor did hearing Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) confess that she accidentally killed their friend Gemma Andrews (Tendai Rinomhota) and suffered serious psychological problems as a result.

While Tom was processing this, Jimmy decided to try to talk to him again about his brother and Tom’s father, Carl (Tom Lister) – and this resulted in a massive argument, hence Jimmy completely forgetting about Angel’s dental appointment.

Nicola realised they could still make the appointment and bundled Angel into the car, ranting at her daughter as she drove. So when he car smashed into Moira’s at a junction, was it really Moira to blame? Nicola thought so.

In upcoming episodes, Angel faces months of recovery from her injuries. The girl wants to be comforted by her mum, but Nicola’s mind is elsewhere. She wants justice for her child and she’s determined to see Moira in court.

We’ve seen from the aftermath of when she was attacked by the gang of girls that included Charles (Kevin Mathurin)’s daughter Naomi (Karene Peter) that Nicola will stop at nothing when she believes she’s been wronged, and now she focuses on justice for Angel to the exclusion of everything else, even Angel herself.

When Liam (Jonny McPherson) tells her there’s no medical evidence to support her claim that Moira was to blame, she’s seething. Despite Angel’s pleading, she takes to the internet in her pursuit of justice.

Her online accusations lead to Moira’s son Isaac (Bobby Dunsmoir) being bullied at school. Another thing we know about Nicola is that, ever since Isaac’s brother Kyle (Huey Quinn) admitted to the accidental shooting of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), she’s had a very dim view of Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Moira’s parenting style, so it’s likely that she’s been hurling accusations generally about the family – which won’t go down well with Moira.

As tensions escalate between the two women, how far will Nicola go to make Moira pay for her ‘crime’?

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