Ozzy Osbourne Not on Deathbed, Out and About With Sharon

Ozzy Osbourne is not waiting to die … he’s still living large and his wife says they’ve got huge plans on deck in the new year.

We got the Black Sabbath frontman and Sharon Osbourne out on New Year’s Day, filling up their Rolls-Royce at a gas station … and the rocker looked anything but bedridden.

In case you missed it … rumors are swirling about Ozzy’s supposedly declining health, but the couple looked and sounded happy when they ran into our TMZ Celebrity Tour guide.

Ozzy’s rocking some shades and a pretty stylish cane, and even though he doesn’t say much, he’s still moving around in his fancy car … no “Weekend at Bernie’s” stunts here.

Oh and get this … Sharon drops some hints on the release date of Ozzy’s first solo album in 10 years, “Ordinary Man,” and a new tour.

Don’t write off the Prince of Darkness just yet!!!

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