Peter Andre’s wife Emily ‘pushed to breaking point’ over his ex Katie Price’s erratic behaviour – The Sun

Peter Andre's wife Emily has been "pushed to breaking point" by his ex-wife Katie Price's ongoing behaviour.

Reality star Katie is said to be "oblivious" to the way her actions affect others, and a source close to the family has alleged to New! magazine that her behaviour has pushed 30-year-old Emily "to breaking point".

Katie and Pete's children  – Junior, 14, and 12-year-old Princess – live with Pete and Emily.

"Pete tries to keep the peace to make life easier but he feels aKte always slips up and then does something stupid," said the insider.

"The problem is she seems oblivious to her wrongdoings – she just blames everyone else. It's frustrating for him and even Emily has been pushed to breaking point."

The source added: "Kate says things like 'you've changed' and tells him he's not the man she knew, but Pete argues that he's now the man he was before he met her."

Pete is also a father to six-year-old Amelia and three-year-old Theo, whom he welcomed with Emily.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker recently made the revelation that he, Princess and Junior would be launching a new YouTube video.

He revealed the news in a hilarious video on Instagram in which he and his two eldest kids struggled to come up with the three dinner party guests they'd most like to have over for tea.

Junior stumped his dad after he replied: "I don't really want to pick dead people because they're dead," while Princess's first pick was Kylie Jenner because of her big lips.

Peter's followers loved it and were soon urging him to do another reality show, to which he replied: "I will launch a YouTube channel soon I think. It’s time."

The two children are used to being in front of the camera having starred in various reality television shows as part of their mum's career.

But it seems Peter's second wife Emily is keen to keep their two children out of the spotlight for now.

Last week Peter revealed that his wife of almost four years had struggled with dropping their son Theo off at nursery for the first time.

"Emily was actually OK about Mills getting another year older, but found it hard saying bye to Theo when we dropped him off for his first morning at nursery last Wednesday," Peter Andre wrote in his new! Magazine column.

"I think it's going to take them both a while to get used to it."

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