Photos show surreal times total strangers met their 'doppelgänger'

Seeing double! Photos capture the surreal moments total strangers met their ‘doppelgängers’

  • Social media users from around the world share snaps with their doppelgängers 
  • Some are so alike, they’ll have you questioning if you’re seeing double 
  • One surprising instance saw two lookalikes sit next to each other on a plane 

A man was spooked when he met a total stranger who looked nearly identical to him at the Flamingo Hotel in Nevada city.

In a Reddit post shared last month, Sean Douglas McArdle, from Kent, Ohio, said he’s convinced he is living ‘in a simulation’ after he swam past his doppelgänger in a swimming pool while on vacation in Las Vegas.

And it’s not the first time two people who seemingly have no relationship to one another have stumbled into a real-life twin.

BoredPanda has collated a series of instances which will leave you wondering if you’re seeing double.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up the most surreal times people have bumped into their other variants, including chance meetings at college, sitting next to each other on a flight and attending a wedding.

Sean Douglas McArdle was shocked when he bumped into the stranger who looked like his identical twin at the Flamingo in Las Vegas

Josh and Brian stumbled upon each other in college – and Josh then realised why some people were calling him by the wrong name

One user shared a snap of their girlfriend with her doppelgänger – as both posed for a photo in matching ensembles

One man stumbled into someone that looked so much like him – down to their matching half-zipped jumpers – that his girlfriend started to walk towards the stranger

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Tim Nyberg spotted a server in San Diego (left) and was taken aback by how much she reminded him his daughter (right). He later made his daughter recreate the snap

These two doppelgängers not only sat next to one another on a plane from London to Galway – they then ended up at the same hotel and shared a beer

These strangers look so alike, flaunting matching waves bangs and golden blonde tresses, that the user said her friends gave the doppelgänger a hug 

These two strangers share eerie similarities, down to their carefully architected facial hair and hats

One user was very excited to meet her doppelgänger, who not only shared her eyeshadow look but also matched hair accessories 

One woman bumped into her doppelgänger at a cousin’s wedding, only to realise the lookalike isn’t a blood relation

These two must have been confused to meet each other at a party, looking nearly identical with similar outfits

One user met his ‘brother from another mother’ – called Adam – at the bar; and it would seem the pair have more in common than a love for beer

One user shared a photo of his friend in a chance meeting with with his real-life-double as the pair sported matching smiles for the camera

Two men who could easily be brothers – but are strangers – smiled for a grinning photo with one another 

One snap saw two strangers – who could easily be mistaken for twins – smile and pose for the camera

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