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So find Beauty anywhere, and you will understand everything better. So find Beauty anywhere, and you, will, understand everything better. There, are many things, which, are, good, to do, after waking up, and there, are many things, which, are, bad, to do, when.

This month, the World Cup started and its getting more and more apparent that the tournament will be a huge failure if not as a sporting event and more as a business venture that will bring in billions in revenue, but ultimately do nothing for the growing number of unemployed, underemployed, underemployed young people. Youve probably heard it all before, but the numbers are really getting out there:The average age of a professional athlete is 28, while in the NFL its 28. The average age of the World Cup roster this year is 26, and the roster is about half the size of the U. Mens and womens national soccer teams of the 1990s. Youve also probably heard that the average age of a college student is 23. Thats the official number, but the reality is that there are many, many more college students out there than are out there at a professional golf tournament. The ratio is about 1 to 100 instead of 1 to 10. When it comes to college students, its about the same ratio as we find at professional stadiums. Heres a more interesting chart from the report I mentioned yesterday that looks at some of the most interesting data Ive seen on this topic:The chart in the More on the Sports Industry section on page 32 of the report is quite interesting and gives an apples to oranges comparison of soccer and the economy. Its pretty simple; soccer players are generally less educated than the average college student or the average man or woman in the workforce, so one would expect that as the sport grows, it would also grow alongside the average age of the workforce, which would have an effect on the number of young people working in these sports. Obviously, no correlation is absolutely causation, but it looks like soccer is having a larger effect on the economy than in any other field of endeavor. As I was looking through the report, I found something else that struck me, as well:The average length of a soccer season is 20 weeks, one day shorter than the average U. So, if you can find a job, enjoy it, get paid, and have fun, then great, congratulations. On the other hand, if soccer players cant find an employer that will pay, take care of them, or provide any other benefits like time off for vacations or sick days, then it would seem that their overall happiness and general well being is negatively affected. In this context, you might wonder why the World Cup is getting so much news and headlines. Its not the first World Cup, or even the tenth time that theyve been held. The average World Cup team is 13 years old. If you average out the ages of that team, the average age.

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