Rating: 4,8 – 70 reviews. With a rich moisturising formula…

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Rating: 4,8 – 70 reviews. With a rich moisturising formula, Dove Beauty Cream nourishes skin to leave it looking and feeling beautiful. Rich doesnt mean heavy though this lightweight moisturising cream leaves no greasiness or oily residue behind so its perfect for all skin types, including oily skin. Rating: 4,5 – 140 reviews. First I didnt like the feel after rubbing into my face, it felt very dry and not moisturized at all almost waxy. BUT even worse, the cream left my skin white after. Rating: 4,4 – 1,843 reviews. I loved it. I bought it for my daughter, she has psoriasis so I try everything I can to help her when it gets super dry. The dove cream didnt seem to aggravate her.

It actually seemed to be the best cream I ever had. Rating: 5,5 – 1,3 – 0,1,8 – 1,1,1,1,Dove Beauty Cream-the-best-cream of my life and i would be thankful if you could share that information: with people: me.

It worked like expected and her skin didnt disappear, I guess, it, is, tough, for, some. The cream is, light, and quick to apply and with no filling-in-between steps. I hope this will, be my go-to moisturising cream for a long, long time. Rating: 4,4 – 9 reviews. This cream leaves my skin whiter and smoother than any other cream, the moisture is, the best. It releases moisturisers into my skin and there is, no greasy reminiscent of moisturiser, so that it looks beautiful on every day. Pale and healthy, with a subtle hint of roseThe cream is great. I cant live without it, it is the only moisturiser I use now. Its so versatile, I use it when Im going to the gym and dont want that skin-tight feeling. It doesnt crease, it doesnt make my skin feel oily, and the lightest touch makes my skin look dewy. The moisturisers Ive been using for years have made my skin oily and Ive never been happy with the result. This is by far a better formula and I couldnt be more pleased. Beautifier is the only one that didnt irritate my skinIve been using Dove Beauty Cream for 2 years straight now. The only cream that hasnt given me irritation and I can use for 6 hours at a time if I want to. I have a really sensitive skin and the rose oil is a must to avoid irritation. The Rose Oil was a good addition to the formulaA rose oil is a must to prevent skin irritation but the Dove Beauty Cream is not only moisturizes your skin but also smells great to boot. The only thing that is bothering me is the amount of moisturizer needed for a 6 hour moisturization. The rose oil does not aggravate my skin typeMy skin type is very dry and flaky. The Rose Oil worked well to smooth my skin and give my skin.

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